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 Tianxing Studio zblog pure blog theme vue3+applet dual version

Tianxing Studio zblog pure blog theme vue3+applet dual version

Application features: pure blog theme of dual versions of vue3+applet

  • Applicable procedures : zblogphp version 1.7 or higher
  • Apply Price one hundred and twenty-eight element
  • Number of views : 656 persons
  • Update Date : April 10, 2024 (This date is the last update date of the application. Please refer to whether your application is the latest version)
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  • Application Introduction
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Important Note: Background is required to use this theme website Set the api setting to enable the api; This is a simple theme similar to that of making friends, which only displays a home page and does not support any plug-ins;

It is 2024 and the web is dying. I haven't written anything in my personal blog for a long time. In this bad situation, it really needs a lot of motivation to open the website backstage with a computer to type and publish an article

Recently, IDC reminded me of my blog domain name It's time for renewal. Looking at the 108 domain name renewal fee a year, think about the various small app apps on the mobile phone. It's really wasteful to set up a domain name for a personal blog, so I just spent a little time writing it with vue3 Blog Template [Similar to the style of WeChat friends circle], and then spent a little time to make a WeChat applet edition.

In this way, you can bind a secondary domain name randomly. You only need to set a configuration item in the background of the PC website, and then you can easily send some complaints, photos, personal feelings and other things on the mobile phone.

This is it Template The origin of.

Update records:

2024-04-10: fix comment nicknames; Optimize loading animation; Optimize the mouse prompt on PC side;

2024-04-03: Private article function [dedicated to complaining record] is added, and only administrators can see the published articles after selecting private.

Template introduction:

1. The web side is written with vue3 to call the API interface. There is no SEO, no classified articles and other pages. All data is displayed and interacted on the home page;

2. Support front comment reply, search, login and publish articles;

3. One button switch in dark mode is supported;

4. Support interface user-defined color matching;

5. The uploaded pictures are automatically compressed, and can be uploaded directly after the phone takes a picture;

6. The WeChat applet version comes with you. Please contact us to obtain the front-end file after purchase [excluding applet building, etc.];

Template demo address:

PC side:

Scan the code on the mobile phone to see the demo:

 Tianxing Studio zblog pure blog theme vue3+applet dual version WeChat applet vue3 zblog blog theme zblog template fee zblogphp template page 1

WeChat applet has not been launched yet, please see the following demo screenshot;

Screenshot of template demonstration:

Home page:

 Tianxing Studio zblog pure blog theme vue3+applet dual version WeChat applet vue3 zblog blog theme zblog template fee zblogphp template page 2


 Tianxing Studio zblog pure blog theme vue3+applet dual version WeChat applet vue3 zblog blog theme zblog template fee zblogphp template page 3


 Tianxing Studio zblog pure blog theme vue3+applet dual version WeChat applet vue3 zblog blog theme zblog template fee zblogphp template page 4

Before purchase

  1. 1. The theme plug-ins sold on this site are all source code products. Cancellation and refund will not be supported after order payment. Please purchase carefully!!!
  2. 2. The copyright of all applications on this website belongs to
  3. 3. Click the "Buy Now" button on this page to place an order, and then automatically jump to "Member Center - Order" for payment;
  4. 4. Supported payment methods: Alipay and WeChat payment;
  5. 5. If you have other questions, please: QQ Contact Us

Need to know

  1. 1. Each application has a corresponding application, and you can view the corresponding available application next to the thumbnail at the top of this page;
  2. 2. There are five corresponding applications of zblogphp, zblogasp, wordpress, dedecms and emlog in this website. Please make sure that the application you purchase is consistent with your website's application;
  3. 3. The applications sold on this website only include the application itself, without website data;
  4. 4. There are no domain name authorization restrictions for all applications on this site, as long as you can ensure that your own account is used. There is a monitoring code. If an application is found to be sold for a second time, it will be blocked once verified.
  5. 5. You are responsible for complying with any applicable laws when using the app. Tianxing Studio will not bear any responsibility for the consequences of any infringement of other people's rights or laws.

Download after purchase

  1. After the purchase is completed, you can download the application in the member center - My Order;

Install Theme

  1. Installation tutorial of zblogasp and zblogphp topic plug-ins:
  2. Detailed installation tutorial of wordpress theme:
  3. Detailed tutorial of dedecms topic installation:
  4. Detailed installation tutorial of emlog topic:

Installing plug-ins

  1. The zblogphp plug-in is installed by uploading and downloading files directly in the background of your website - plug-in management;

Apply Updates

  1. When you receive the application update prompt, you can log in to the site and open the member center - My Order to download the application file;
  2. Repeat the above installation steps to complete the application update. The updated application will not affect any data on your website;
  3. Users who have modified the app themselves should carefully select the app update, which will overwrite all your modifications.

yes two Comments from netizens:

  •  visitor

    visitor 2 months ago (03-20) reply

    This template has multiple side-by-side pictures. No matter which picture you click, the first picture will be displayed. There is no carousel button, and you can only manually close it. System: win7+Firefox

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio 2 months ago (03-21) reply

      Yes, it will be repaired in the next version

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