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Error causes and solutions of introducing vant into vue3 project

Tianxing Studio 2024-03-12 14:57 course five hundred and forty-three 0 Comments

Recently, I was working on a vue3 project. It was originally a simple single page, and some common components were written by myself. As a result, the more functions I had, the more I had to worry about later. So I deleted my spicy chicken in time and directly introduced the UI framework of vant.

Results After the van was installed according to the official documents, it was found that an error was directly reported when the van was imported on the page. The van import code is as follows:

 The error causes and solutions of introducing van errors into the vue3 project van npm vue3 tutorial page 1

The error code is as follows

 The error causes and solutions of introducing van errors into the vue3 project van npm vue3 tutorial page 2

This error is very strange. Shouldn't the dependent component information be automatically written into . Vite deps? I looked through the folder and found no corresponding file.

So according to key word No solution was found after searching on the network.

Finally, I changed several keywords and finally found an article that gave me a solution, saying that it might be the npm version problem. The original text is as follows:

During the development process, the dependent version of Vue3 changes, and the new version is downloaded directly from the npm install, which will result in the cache of the old version under node_modules, thus affecting the startup and compilation of the local project.

Then I tried to delete the "node_modules" folder first, and then "npm install" again. The problem was solved!

If you encounter the same problem, you can also try to make a backup first and then reinstall the NPM.

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