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51. If the js file counted by la is hijacked, it will jump to the illegal website

Tianxing Studio 2023-09-27 15:21 course one thousand two hundred and fifty-one 0 Comments

Recently, a customer said that he website My first reaction was that the database was linked to a Trojan horse. Then I asked the customer how to determine it?

The customer said that through the exclusion method, "the server operating system, source code, and test will not jump, as long as the database sql before import, it will start to jump, so it is suspected that the virus is hidden in the database".

Then he asked the customer what the specific performance of being hung up was, and the answer was "the virus code is only for mobile phone users. The computer does not jump, but the mobile phone will. Specifically, it will jump through search or source, and directly access domain name Not ".

This is strange. Then I tested that the customer's website can reproduce this problem. The first time I opened the website on the mobile phone with a browser that has not visited the website, the page will jump to an illegal website after loading.

According to this performance, either the domain name is hijacked, or the php file or js file of the website is hung up, and the problem reappears and then you can start to prepare for troubleshooting.

The mobile terminal can open the console with the X browser, and then open the website to test this:

 51. The js file counted by la is hijacked and will jump to the illegal website 51la Jumps 51la Hijacking 51la Statistics 51. la Tutorial Page 1

The memory of 51la statistical js file being hijacked awakened me. The 51la official also issued a notice about this matter:

Dear 51LA user: Recently, we received some feedback from some users about abnormal JS statistics on the website, and the platform paid great attention to it. After preliminary troubleshooting, we found that some JS servers were abnormal, and now we have offline processing. The specific causes are still further analyzed internally, which has brought you great impact. We are very sorry.

Therefore, the problem should be caused by the problem of the js file in the 51la statistics used by the customer's website, so that the customer can delete the 51la statistics code and test it back to normal.

To sum up: this kind of jump problem, if the website https Instead of the domain name being hijacked and skipped, you can mainly check the website file and the js file. If the php file in the website is not encrypted, it is very good to find the problem. The key point is to check the js file. You can find out where the problem is by removing the js file one by one.

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