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EMlog obtains the title link and other data of the specified classification through the classification ID

Tianxing Studio 2023-03-20 13:22 Emlog Tutorial fifty-eight 0 Comments

emlog The pro version has been released, emlog Application Center It's also online, but Emlog Tutorial Still so few.

Recently, I was struggling with one Emlog template When you need to obtain some data of the specified classification, you wrote a function after looking at the source code of the emlog program about obtaining SQL:

 //Get the classification of the specified id function tx_ get_ cate($id) { if (!$id) { return ''; } $db = MySql::getInstance(); $sql = $db->query("select * from " . DB_PREFIX . "sort where sid IN($id) ORDER BY pid ASC"); $list_ array = array(); while ($row = $db->fetch_array($sql)) { $list_ array[] = $row; } if(count($list_array) > 0){ return $list_ array[0]; }else{ return ''; } }

The above functions are placed in the "module. php" file of the theme, and then other Template File directly uses "tx"_ get_ Cat ('classification id ') ['sortname'] "to call the classification name.

Other available classified data:

Classification link: Url:: sort (tx_get_cate ('classification id ') ['sid']); This is slightly redundant. It is recommended to use "Url:: sort ('classification id ')" directly;

Category alias: tx_ get_ Cat ('classification id ') ['alias'];

classification describe :tx_ get_ Cat ('classification id ') ['description'];

Classification template: tx_ get_ Cat ('classification id ') ['template'];

Parent category id of the category: tx_ get_ Cat ('classification id ') ['pid'];

Sort No.: tx_ get_ Cat ('classification id ') ['taxis'];

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