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Baidu applet spicy chicken?

Tianxing Studio 2022-12-07 10:43 Q&A two thousand one hundred and thirty-four 0 Comments

Tianxing Studio Of WeChat applet version 2022 After the launch, we prepared to launch a Baidu applet, and then the following series of things happened.

First, I downloaded the official development tool software of Baidu applet. After installing it on the computer, I found that all the click events in the code could not be executed normally. I thought it was a problem with my own code, but the code fragments imported into the official document were also the same problem. So I went to the official forum to post feedback and was told:

 Baidu applet spicy chicken? Hot Chicken Baidu Applet Q&A Page 1

Good guy, it's a bug in the official software. We had to download the old version of the development tool to develop normally.

In the process of tossing Baidu applet, we found that the code logic WeChat applet Basically the same, just copy and paste it. Change the api interface name in js, change the attribute name in html, and do not change the css! A Baidu applet has been developed.

After the test is normal, the submission for review is called back three times:

 Baidu applet spicy chicken? Hot Chicken Baidu Applet Q&A Page 2

The reasons for failing the review are all the same. Baidu applet cannot have any other platform QR code , and checked very carefully. The article published a long time ago promoted a Alibaba Cloud There is a QR code in the screenshot of the activity Baidu said that "there is an act of inducing users to share or pay attention to public accounts or groups".

Go to a development group to complain about the group friends, and tell Baidu that it is very strict in this aspect of the audit, and will review, and if there is a QR code, it will be taken off the shelf!

I opened my own Baidu app and looked at the small programs that had passed the review. I was a bit suspicious of life. Any hot chicken content is OK, but it is not allowed to be diverted to other platforms.

Baidu's demand for traffic has reached this point? The search king on the PC side has become a chicken bone on the mobile side.

Well, I don't want to play anymore. Baidu is not bad for me. Baidu has no influence on me. If it weren't for the purpose of developing small programs, I wouldn't have any Baidu stuff on my phone...

Uninstalled Baidu app, goodbye to spicy chicken Baidu.

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