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How does the zblog application center issue invoices? Invoicing process after purchasing an application in the zblog application center

Tianxing Studio 2022-11-29 18:16 course five hundred and sixty-two 0 Comments

If you are Zblog Application Center After purchasing an application, you can apply for invoicing. The invoice is an electronic general invoice. The process of applying for invoice is as follows:

Please send an application invoice email to the mailbox


1. Order No. [Please log in for order No Zblog User Center , you can find it in the "Transaction Center">"Order List" in the left column of the background]

2. Company name [please fill in the name of individual]

3. Taxpayer identification number [individual left blank]

zblog The administrator shall process the email within 7 working days after receiving it, and send the electronic invoice back to the sender's mailbox.

The above is on zblog Application Center The whole process of invoicing after purchasing an application.

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