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The solution of "502 Bad Gateway" will be prompted after the pagoda moves

Tianxing Studio 2022-09-08 10:08 course two thousand four hundred and seventeen 0 Comments

Since the demo server has expired, another server has been launched with the discount of newly registered account. Then I used pagoda One click migration function to move, and then modify domain name DNS resolution of, and finally open website Test whether it is normal. The result prompts "502 Bad Gateway", as shown below:

 Tips for "502 Bad Gateway" after moving the pagoda Page 1 of the 502 pagoda tutorial in php version

The online explanation of the "502" error is that the server returns 502 only after an error occurs.

First, check whether the server can connect normally. It is found that everything is normal.

Then look at the error log of nginx. No error record is found.

Finally, I remembered to check whether it was a problem with PHP, and it turned out that PHP was normal. I accidentally switched to the PHP version and found that the website can be accessed normally.

 Tips for "502 Bad Gateway" after moving the pagoda Page 2 of the 502 pagoda tutorial in php version

Comparing with other websites on the same server, it is found that the problem is php. The reason for the problem is that the php version of each website on the old server is inconsistent. After migrating to the new server, the php version is not correctly aligned. Re select the php version and save it to solve the problem.

If the problem environment you encounter is consistent with this article, this article can almost solve your problem.

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