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 Tianxing studio zblog Taoke theme is suitable for promoting website with content belt

Tianxing studio zblog Taoke theme is suitable for promoting website with content belt

Application features: bring unlimited multi style sidebar and insert coupon Taoke commodity module

  • Applicable procedure : zblogphp version 1.5 or above
  • Application price two hundred and twenty-two element
  • Number of views : 5382
  • Update date :2021-06-20 (this date is the last update date of the app. Please refer to whether your app is the latest version)
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This is a suitable for use with content to promote website Used zblog Taoke theme. No collection and interface, manual input content and Taoke product links and other information.

Theme upgrade:

2021-06-20: add zblog1.7 with compression thumbnail Function [1.7 turn on the switch in the user theme configuration]; Compress JS file; Fix known user feedback problems;

2021-02-17: optimize theme configuration interface logic; Optimize the editor to insert coupon products and other go jump problems; Fix known user feedback problems;

October 27, 2020: increase search page optimization; Fixed several JS and CSS errors;

Theme features:

  1. self-adaption +Custom color matching + dark mode;

  2. Two article list display modes. Left / right / large;

  3. For the two kinds of article content styles, when the article is published, the Taoke promotion style will be displayed automatically, otherwise, it will be the normal article style;

  4. With articles and comments to like, no need to install the like plug-in;

  5. With unlimited sidebar, multiple call logic + multiple display styles, and can set whether the sidebar is displayed or not;

  6. The article list has the drop-down auto loading function and can be closed by user;

  7. The theme comes with a set of font icons, and there is a tutorial in the background theme configuration, which can be used conveniently;

  8. The module at the top of the classification list can customize the calling logic and set whether to display or not;

  9. Convenient background configuration items, slide, home page navigation bar Can be set directly without handwritten code;

  10. TDK can be customized on all pages;

  11. For other functions, please check the demo station in detail.

Theme demonstration:

PC, please click: /View the demo;

Please scan the code to view the demo:

 Tianxing studio zblog Taoke theme is suitable for promoting website with content belt

Demo screenshot:

Home page:

 Tianxing studio zblog Taoke theme is suitable for promoting website with content belt

Background configuration page:

 Tianxing studio zblog Taoke theme suitable for promoting website with content belt

Before purchase

  1. 1. The theme plug-ins sold by this site belong to source code products. Cancellation and refund will not be supported after order payment, please purchase carefully!!!
  2. 2. The copyright of all applications of this website belongs to
  3. 3. Click the "buy now" button on this page to place an order, and then automatically jump to "Member Center - order" for payment;
  4. 4. Supported payment methods: Alipay and wechat payment;
  5. 5. If you have any further questions: QQ contact us

What you need to know

  1. 1. Each application has a corresponding application program. You can view the corresponding available programs of this application next to the thumbnail at the top of this page;
  2. 2. There are zbloghp, zblogasp, WordPress, dedecms and emlog. Please make sure that the application you buy is in line with your website program;
  3. 3. The application sold by this website only includes the application itself, without website data;
  4. 4. There is no domain name authorization restriction for all the applications on this site, as long as it is your own account. There are monitoring codes, if the second sale of the application, once verified, it will be sealed.

Download after purchase

  1. After the purchase is completed, the application can be downloaded from my order in the member center;

Installation theme

  1. Zblogasp and zbloghp theme plug-ins installation tutorial:
  2. WordPress topic installation detailed tutorial:
  3. Dedecms topic installation detailed tutorial:
  4. Emlog topic installation detailed tutorial:

Installing plug-ins

  1. The zbloghp plug-in is installed directly by uploading and downloading files in the background plug-in management of your website;

Apply updates

  1. When you receive the application update prompt, you can log in to this site and open the member center my order to download application files;
  2. Repeat the above installation steps to complete the app update. Updating the app will not affect any data of your website;
  3. Users who have modified the app themselves should be careful to choose the app update. After the update, all your changes will be covered.

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