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Installation steps of emlog theme template emlog installation theme tutorial

Tianxing Studio 2019-10-23 11:07 Emlog Tutorial six thousand nine hundred and fifty 1 Comments

Although it has not been done for a long time emlog However, after all, there are still two emlog themes on sale. For the sake of quality of service (dog head guarantees life), I wrote this article about installing emlog/ Template Tutorials for.

The format of the emlog theme template is ZIP, and the storage path of the emlog theme template is "root directory/content/templates/".

After you get the emlog theme package, you can directly unzip it and upload it to the folder of the emlog theme template to complete the installation of the emlog theme template.

Finally, log in to the emlog background -- click the template on the left panel to see the theme of installation completion, and then enable it.

 Installation steps of emlog theme template emlog installation theme tutorial emlog theme installation emlog template installation emlog tutorial page 1

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  •  I love Metaphysics

    I love Metaphysics 1 year ago (2022-04-28) reply

    It seems that emlog is really not easy to use the template installed in the background. You have to download it and then upload it. You can't install it directly.

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