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 Template of zblog navigation station of Tianxing Studio with news, pictures and Taoke module

Template of zblog navigation station of Tianxing Studio with news, pictures and Taoke module

Application features: navigation station theme with information Taoke column

  • Applicable procedures : zblogphp1.5 or above
  • Apply Price two hundred and twenty-two element
  • Number of views : 34933 persons
  • Update Date : March 11, 2024 (This date is the last update date of the application. Please refer to whether your application is the latest version)
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This is used as a navigation station Zblog template , the interface and some functions of hao123 and 360 navigation stations are used for reference;

Update records:

March 11, 2024: fix navigation highlight error; Optimized dark mode; Add the bottom of mobile phone navigation bar [Closed];

December 21, 2023: optimize the theme configuration background; Optimize the js file;

October 16, 2023: repair classification customization describe Call error; Optimize theme configuration background;

September 12, 2023: Repair Classification "Each page displays the number of articles" UDF failure problem ";

September 5, 2023: The optimized navigation bar supports three-level pull-down; Optimize the submission of tourist inclusion application; Fix the missing initial value of theme color configuration;

July 4, 2023: fix the logic problem of querying seo button display;

May 4, 2023: add seo title suffix Site Title Switch; Add search tag and other list page custom styles and sidebar display switches; Add side bar display switch at mobile phone end;

February 10, 2023: fix email notification errors; Add online sharing with theme; Add customization of article publishing time format; Optimize theme background configuration;

November 16, 2022: optimize the call of popular articles; Modify the home page call news module to load for ajax to improve the home page loading speed; Repair the homepage news module Right column Rolling problem; Add pairs to the theme“ Tianxing User Center ”Plug in compatibility The next version will add the paid quick review and paid top setting function;

November 6, 2022: Repair the legacy of the previous version thumbnail Upload function failure bug; Optimize the display of text content; Tips for optimizing thumbnail loading;

November 2, 2022: multiple color customizations will be added[ After upgrading, please go to the theme configuration color settings to reset the color ]; Repair the title of the submission page; Rewriting the dark mode; Rewrite some js files;

October 10, 2022: modify the email notification to rely on other plug-ins; Rewrite the submission process; Some topics' own functions are optimized; Fix known user feedback problems;

June 30, 2022: add inclusion submission function switch; Add the main switch of seo query button [if the seo query api is left blank, the whole station will not be displayed];

June 14, 2022: Optimize the seo query api and auto thumbnail api format to adapt to more types of apis. Old users should reset these two apis after updating; Add the editing link of the foreground article page [only visible to authorized users];

May 6, 2022: fix the problem of submission authority; Add a custom search engine;

April 16, 2022: increase the number of custom related article calls [set in the category editor where the article belongs]; Add custom search engine display; Rewrite thumbnail function; Fix known user feedback problems;

March 22, 2022: The optimization homepage calls the module blank problem caused by nonexistent classification; Modify the switch logic of the copyright description of the article (change the setting of each category separately); Optimize some topics' built-in functions; Fix known user feedback problems;

December 29, 2021: increase the daily submission limit for each IP address; Add search page sidebar;

November 22, 2021: increase website Failure switch; Fix the failure of automatically adding website ico link; Further remove compatibility codes for versions below 1.7;

November 1, 2021: Remove the compatibility code for versions below 1.7. Users who have not upgraded to 1.7 should not update!!! Rewrite the interface of the fields of topics such as background publishing article creation and classification; Add a data call user-defined quantity configuration;

October 12, 2021: fix the repeated judgment logic bug of user contributions; Add thumbnail replacement logic on the left side of navigation article page [can be displayed as advertising space or not];

September 22, 2021: fix errors in obtaining thumbnails in some cases; Optimize access to website information tips;

September 14, 2021: Add the function switch to access website information, which can be turned off if not necessary; Add customized prompt text for go.php jump page; Fix the problems caused by the previous version;

September 13, 2021: optimize some topics' own functions; Add the function of obtaining website information avatar by one click of url; Increase the repetition of user submission judgment; Fix known user feedback problems;

August 2, 2021: Fixed a bug caused by the last upgrade, and optimized two other functions at random [it's not easy to gather an update];

July 29, 2021: Users who have upgraded to version 1.7 or above strongly recommend this upgrade [which can reduce the number of database queries on the home page by about half and improve the opening speed of the home page]; Optimize some topic functions; Fix known user feedback problems;

June 2, 2021: add headline search; Optimize the display of Sogou search mobile terminal; Add call zblog 1.7 It has the function of compressing thumbnails [1.7 Turn on the switch in the user theme configuration];

March 1, 2021: Optimize the thumbnail calling logic of the article page; Optimize the title tag of part of page a;

February 21, 2021: optimize the theme configuration page [old users need to upload logo and other images again]; Add the navigation article page copyright notice module; Fix the navcate function name conflict problem; Fixed some known customer feedback problems;

December 24, 2020: fix the error that the homepage module does not limit the number of calls under certain circumstances; Add the security verification of the theme configuration page;

November 2, 2020: optimization theme comes with TDK logic; Optimize theme thumbnail function; Fixed some known customer feedback problems;

September 13, 2020: add go.php to jump to the external chain function switch;

August 28, 2020: fix known problems;

July 22, 2020: optimize the top display of mobile phones; Optimize picture loading animation; Optimizing the logic of dark mode; Increase advertising space on mobile phone;

July 6, 2020: add dark mode (theme configuration - open in other settings); Tips for optimizing thumbnail loading; Fixed other known customer feedback issues;

May 29, 2020: fix the call error of popular articles; Fix thumbnail level display error; Fixed other known customer feedback issues;

April 24, 2020: add comment module mailbox and website switch; Add the prompt in the comment input box; Fixed some known customer feedback problems;

April 13, 2020: support the latest zblogphp Version 1.6; Add picture loading prompt; Fixed some known customer feedback problems;

March 8, 2020: optimize the calling function of popular articles; Add the status selection of articles submitted for inclusion by users; Optimize the classification logic of submission for inclusion; Fixed some known customer feedback problems;

January 2, 2020: modify the theme with 404 Template Fixed some known customer feedback problems;

November 24, 2019: fix the error caused by the user filling in the non-existent classification ID; Old users can avoid upgrading

October 24, 2019: fix the link error of the homepage news module; Repair the failure error of the link switch of the navigation inner page page; Fixed some known customer feedback problems;

June 26, 2019: A customer said that the home page navigation was too crowded, so it was changed to six in a row. Old users should check the demo station before deciding whether to upgrade; Fixed some known customer feedback problems;

June 26, 2019: Rewrite thumbnail functions; Modify the default display search box on the mobile phone home page; Modify the display mode of mobile phone navigation bar; Fixed some known minor problems;

May 9, 2019: fix the errors caused by the upgrade of the previous version; Delete URL format restrictions;

May 8, 2019: Optimize the top display logic under the home page navigation style; Optimize the display style of mobile phone on the home page; Fixed some known minor problems;

April 30, 2019: Add the email notification function after submission of contributions included in the website; Add URL format restrictions for verification websites;

April 22, 2019: repair the layout error caused by the new picture module on the home page; Fix the blank error of column opening in some cases;

April 3, 2019: The column function can be selected on the website inclusion page; Increase the number of custom calls to popular articles in the right week; Fixed some known issues;

March 8, 2019: increase the display style of picture columns; Repair the tag page error; Optimized css;

February 18, 2019:

1. Repair the dislocation of the homepage news module in some cases;

2. Some users want a pure navigation station without other modules. This version adds a switch for pure navigation station display. After turning on the switch, the home page can be set as follows:

 Tianxing Studio zblog navigation station template with news, pictures and Taoke module navigation station template zblog navigation zblog template fees zblogphp template page 1

3. The column page style adds the same navigation style with introduction as the home page and is set as the default. The simple version of the old version can be selected in the background;

4. Fixed some other known issues.

January 17, 2019: add the function of customizing the title of the article content page; Fixed some known minor problems;

January 4, 2019:

1. Add the web page auto screenshot api function, fill in the web address to display the web page screenshot without manually uploading thumbnails;

2. Add the "seo query" api customization function, which can be modified to other seo query interfaces;

3. Add the switch of "seo query" button. You can specify that an article does not display this button;

4. Modify the "Previous and Next" at the bottom of the article to be articles of the same category;

5. Some page layouts have been adjusted; Optimized the js file;

6. Fixed some known minor issues.

October 17, 2018: This update is relatively large, and it is recommended to update:

1. Add seo configuration item, and you can customize the seo title on the home page separately; The title connector can be set; You can set whether the title of the navigation inner page displays the web address;

2. Adding a list page can set the number of articles displayed separately to solve the problem of too few articles in the navigation column;

3. Add the home page navigation module to call the top article function, and the top article will be displayed at the front;

4. Add the hot sorting module on the right side of the news list and commodity list, and you can customize whether to display this module;

5. Fixed some other known issues;

September 19, 2018: add the function of setting whether each article directly jumps to the website; Optimize the logic of the home page navigation module; Fixed some known issues;

September 8, 2018: fix a bug on the first slide; Add a navigation inner page to customize whether to jump to go.php;

Template properties:

1、 self-adaption +Custom color matching;

2. Three list page templates: navigation+news+Taoke;

3. Three content page templates: navigation+news+Taoke;

4. Navigation and Taoke both support go.php jump, not directly jump to the external link website;

5. Both navigation and Taoke support user-defined settings, such as whether to jump directly to the outer chain or to the inner page of the website;

6. The theme has a built-in inclusion application function, and visitors can directly submit the inclusion application without registering;

7. The theme has multiple built-in advertising spaces, which can be customized to display or not;

8. Taoke function has been built in, just fill in your Taoke pid;

9. The toll theme copyright switch is built into the background configuration, which can cancel the copyright display with one button;

10. Each module on the home page should be customized as far as possible;

See the demo station experience for more functions.

 Tianxing Studio zblog navigation station template with news, pictures and Taoke module navigation station template zblog navigation zblog template fee zblogphp template sheet 2

Template presentation:

Screenshot of template demonstration:

Home presentation:

 Tianxing Studio zblog navigation station template with news, pictures and Taoke module navigation station template zblog navigation zblog template fee zblogphp template sheet 3

Demo of publishing article interface:

 Tianxing Studio zblog navigation station template with news, pictures and Taoke module navigation station template zblog navigation zblog template fees zblogphp template sheet 4

Background theme configuration page demonstration:

 Tianxing Studio zblog navigation station template with news, pictures and Taoke module navigation station template zblog navigation zblog template fees zblogphp template page 5

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Install Theme

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    We need WeChat QQ QR code navigation function plus contribution points recharge and payment function, and the big guy added it

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    yonghu007 Three years ago (2021-11-30) reply

    It is hoped that the number of websites displayed can be set separately in the "More Related Websites" column of the website page, and the data call should not be shared with other configurations

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    Practical functions are urgently needed (it is strongly required to add advertising spaces and keyword pages to GO.PHP pages for keyword classification query and retrieval, which is a very practical function)

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    Davi 3 years ago (2021-07-30) reply

    GO. PHP page, please add advertising page in the background, CPM, CPV. Otherwise, it would be too troublesome to change by yourself. Every time you update it, it will disappear. It's troublesome, boss.

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    How to set the switch light in the lower right corner!

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio 3 years ago (2021-05-20) reply

      Contact us directly online qq: 1109856918. After providing your order number, you can get after-sales technical support

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    Individuals who have bought the theme of this website can be responsible to say that the theme is very useful. Besides, I'm not a trust!

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    How can I feel that there is a bug on the mobile phone? There is a problem when the mobile phone drops.

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    Netizens of Tianxing Studio Five years ago (2019-06-08) reply

    Can't I customize the advertising space on the right side of the logo in the advertising settings, and can't edit my theme

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    Can this be sorted automatically according to the origin

    •  Tianxing Studio

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    It looks good. Is it a one click deployment

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