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 Tianxing Studio Free CMS theme zblog version zblog free CMS template download

Tianxing Studio Free CMS theme zblog version zblog free CMS template download

Application features: three styles of article list can be selected at will

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Tianxing studio Free CMS theme zblog The version is online. This is a Zblog is free CMS template

Template instructions:

There is only one copyright link on the home page, please do not delete it. Free template does not provide any technical support, if you have any questions, please leave a message on this page.

Template features:

1. With basic SEO, all pages can be customized TDK;

2、 self-adaption

3. Three kinds of article list styles can be selected: picture + pure text + picture and text;

4. Building block layout on the front page, unlimited quantity and optional style;

Please download and install other functions.

Template demo screenshot:

 Free edition of zcms free zcms zcms free theme template zcms zcms

Before purchase

  1. 1. The theme plug-ins sold by this site belong to source code products. Cancellation and refund will not be supported after order payment, please purchase carefully!!!
  2. 2. The copyright of all applications of this website belongs to
  3. 3. Click the "buy now" button on this page to place an order, and then automatically jump to "Member Center - order" for payment;
  4. 4. Supported payment methods: Alipay and wechat payment;
  5. 5. If you have any further questions: QQ contact us

What you need to know

  1. 1. Each application has a corresponding application program. You can view the corresponding available programs of this application next to the thumbnail at the top of this page;
  2. 2. There are zbloghp, zblogasp, WordPress, dedecms and emlog. Please make sure that the application you buy is in line with your website program;
  3. 3. The application sold by this website only includes the application itself, without website data;
  4. 4. There is no domain name authorization restriction for all the applications on this site, as long as it is your own account. There are monitoring codes, if the second sale of the application, once verified, it will be sealed.

Download after purchase

  1. After the purchase is completed, the application can be downloaded from my order in the member center;

Installation theme

  1. Zblogasp and zbloghp theme plug-ins installation tutorial:
  2. WordPress topic installation detailed tutorial:
  3. Dedecms topic installation detailed tutorial:
  4. Detailed emlog installation topics:

Installing plug-ins

  1. The zbloghp plug-in is installed directly by uploading and downloading files in the background plug-in management of your website;

Apply updates

  1. When you receive the application update prompt, you can log in to this site and open the member center my order to download application files;
  2. Repeat the above installation steps to complete the app update. Updating the app will not affect any data of your website;
  3. Users who have modified the app themselves should be careful to choose the app update. After the update, all your changes will be covered.

yes eight Comments from netizens:

  •  First brother Chen

    First brother Chen 3 months ago (05-28) reply

    In the topic configuration, close the front page flash slide, and the home page CMS module call the classification modification, and then click Save to refresh as before.

    •  Tianxing studio

      Tianxing studio 3 months ago (05-29) reply

      Then I recommend changing the theme

  •  First brother Chen

    First brother Chen 3 months ago (05-28) reply

    How to modify the resources and announcements of the following categories of preferential activities? It was not classified at the beginning

    •  Tianxing studio

      Tianxing studio 3 months ago (05-28) reply

      In the theme configuration in the upper right corner of the background

  •  Wechat users

    Wechat users Two years ago (May 13, 2020) reply

    Click order is unable to open the web page

    •  Insomniac

      Insomniac 2009-2009 reply

      pretty good

  •  txtbbs

    txtbbs Two years ago (March 30, 2020) reply

    Such a good theme is free. Great

  •  Guan You Tong blog

    Guan You Tong blog 3 years ago (December 3, 2019) reply

    How to make articles without pictures not display the default thumbnail

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