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On November 20, 2017, the original "Tuoyuan" zblog theme Assistant "officially changed its name to< Z Broadcom >The latest version is V1.4 updated on August 1, 2019.

Subsequent“ Tuoyuan zblog Topic Assistant v1.0 ”And“ Tuoyuan zblogphp Topic Tag Assistant V1.0 Release ”After that, we released the common version of the two, "Z Broadcom", which integrates zba and zbp into one software for zblog theme developers to use. Of course, all this is free!

After the software is re integrated, it is inevitable that there will be bugs. We will upgrade and maintain the software irregularly, and add "detection and update" and "feedback" functions in the software, so that you can use the latest version in time and provide Feedback

We have received many messages and feedback from developers that the theme tag assistant has been killed by anti-virus software. Please rest assured that we can use it. We promise the security and reliability of the theme tag assistant and update the MD5 value of the software in a timely manner. If you download it from another website, please verify whether the MD5 value is the same as the MD5 value given on this release page before use. Do not use it if the verification is inconsistent.

Preview of zblog topic tag assistant general version:



Software information:

File size: 1400832 byte




Download address:

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V1.4 version 2019-08-01 update

-Fix some wrong labels;

-Add cases of "template development real-time refresh" and "mobile terminal judgment";

-Optimize text control line breaking display;

-Optimize and update the style;

Version V1.3 Updated 2017-11-20

-The software was officially renamed<Z Broadcom>;

-Using Z-shaped software Icon

-Add "Feedback" portal;

-Add several labels;

-Correct known error labels;

Version V1.2 Updated 2017-02-28

-Adjust the tab order;

-Add a template description label;

Version V1.1 Updated 2017-02-09

-Fixed some radio button grouping problems;

-Several new labels are added to the ZBP version;