Zblog background failed to log in, database connection error

web front end nine thousand two hundred and forty-nine 12 years ago (2012-05-01)

Configure local today zblog I found that I could not log in to the background all the time. Considering that it was a program problem, I put data base and theme After backing up, deleting and reinstalling zblog, it was found to be useless. Since the program is reinstalled, does the problem lie in access permissions?

Right click the folder of the parent directory where the program is located -- Properties -- Security, set the guest user IUSER to all permissions, and open it happily browser Visit, the problem remains;

I have encountered many similar problems before, which can be solved by using this method. Today, it is possible that there is a problem with personality, and the computers follow suit. I can't help but Baidu. Most of them are introducing the above methods. I found that the TEMP directory does not have permission, so I opened the TEMP (C: WINDOWS TEMP) directory, The everyone user has been added and certain permissions have been set (it is recommended not to check Full Control, but to select Write and apply the default permissions.). Go back to the background login of zblog, and the next moment is to witness the miracle. The login succeeds. Applause!!!