The method of Zblog calling the latest articles in the secondary directory

web front end seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-six 12 years ago (2012-05-28)

zblog The method to call the latest articles in the secondary directory is:

Step 1:

Modify FUNCTION/c_system_base in the secondary directory ASP Open this file and find

Call SaveToFile(BlogPath & "/include/previous.asp",strPrevious,"utf-8",True)

Add the following code below it:

Call SaveToFile(Left(BlogPath,len(BlogPath)-5) & "/include/t_previous.asp",strPrevious,"utf-8",True)

Step 2:

File reconstruction of blog under secondary directory

At this time, a file named t_previous.asp will be generated in the include folder of the root directory. The number of calls needs to be set in the blog settings under the secondary directory, and set in the website settings management page settings the number of recently published articles.

Step 3: Call<# CACHE_INCLUDE_T_PREVIOUS #>in the root directory blog template

Note: It can be called directly by using js without modifying the system file, but it is not conducive to optimization

<script src="Your secondary directory blog address/function/c_html_js. asp? Include=PREVIOUS" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step 4: File Rebuild Root Directory Blog

Step 5: Thank Liunian for his hard work