PS Method for Storing Transparent GIF Pictures

Visual Design seventeen thousand seven hundred and thirty-three 13 years ago (2011-07-26)

When creating a web page, cut transparent The GIF image of the background is often not the effect you want. In many cases, the GIF image cut out is either jagged or mottled, which makes the image unclear. Remember the following parameters, so you can cut out a clear GIF image.

GIF -- Perceptible (color 128 or 256, the more efficient the color is, the better it will be) -- no color imitation -- transparency -- no transparency color imitation -- web color dependence 0% -- loss 0 -- converted to sRGB -- percentage 100% -- quality cubic.


1. The minimum method for storing tif format hierarchical files: 2112 from top to bottom, and the compressed quality will be reduced by about twice;

two Photoshop When slicing separate layers, you can hold down the Alt key and click the eyes in front of the layer, press (Ctrl+A) (Ctrl+Shift+C) (Ctrl+N) (Enter) (Ctrl+V), and then press the above parameters to save.