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    With a pure heart, write a pure theme life Never treat anyone who has worked hard, and future luck is the accumulation of past efforts.

    Home page preview:

     Tpure homepage

    Article page preview:

     Tpure article page

    Configuration page preview:


    Theme closing page:

     Theme station closing page

    Theme personality landing page:

     Theme and personality landing

    Subject has passed W3C-HTML verification


    Label cloud template description:

    "Page management" - "Create a new page" - enter the title and body content (fill in the body content at will), and then select tags (with sidebar tag cloud) or widetags (with sidebar tag cloud) in the "Template" list on the right, and submit.

    Article archiving template description:

    "Page Management" - "New Page" - Enter the title and body content (fill in the body content at will), then select archive from the "Template" list on the right, and submit.

    Description of setting the side bar module with the theme:

    "Theme Settings" - "Sidebar Settings", which can adjust the date range and recommended article ID of the side bar. The article ID can be viewed in "Article Management" or "Page Management" on the left.

    Side bar article thumbnails. In "Thumbnail Settings", you can select default thumbnails (turn on "default for no image" and "only show images"), or random thumbnails (turn on "random for no image" and "only show images"), or turn off thumbnails (turn off all).

    Pure theme PHP 7.4+email notification component Click here to download (After downloading, unzip and overwrite to the directory with the same name as zb_users/theme/tpure/plugin/phpmailer)

    Clean theme widescreen style sheet Click here to download (After downloading, upload to the directory with the same name of zb_users/theme/pure/style to overwrite)

    If you do not want to click the author link below the title of the list and article page, you can click SEO Settings - Add the following codes at the header common code:

    You need to have a Tuoyuan account, and Sign in Then you can view or download the hidden content

    If you want to display the content of the sidebar module at the bottom of the mobile phone, you can add the following code in Color Settings - Custom CSS (V4.8 supports displaying the sidebar module on the mobile phone):

    You need to have a Tuoyuan account, and Sign in Then you can view or download the hidden content

    2023-07-16 Update V5.0.3

    -Fix the problem of misplaced verification code on the theme login interface (caused by the new login verification code function in Z-Blog1.7.3);

    2023-05-27 Update V5.0.2

    -Fix the exception caused by the version number data type and solve the compatibility problem of higher versions of jquery;

    -The minimum version of Z-Blog for theme adaptation is changed to Z-Blog1.7.0;

    2023-05-26 Update V5.0.1

    -A minor version update (modified the file name referenced by jquery);

    2022-06-06 Update V5.0

    -New side bar recent comments (with avatar) module;

    -New commentator display IP attribution function;

    -New users can display comments after logging in (applicable to third-party users plug-in unit Post registration comments);

    -Optimize the distance between hot topics on mobile terminals;

    -Optimize the scroll bar style;

    -Optimization video The player also adds support for the flv format;

    -Fix the problem of module scrolling at the end of the sidebar on the mobile phone;

    -Fix the limit that the rolling progress bar depends on the number of rolling progress;

    -Fix the problem that the hot spot style cannot be placed at the top of the first page only;

    -Fix the problem of delayed loading of thumbnail in hotspot style list;

    -Clean up redundant files;

    2022-04-21 update V4.9

    -Repair Slide Setup Page Tips Icon Abnormal problems;

    -Fix known issues with article thumbnails;

    -Fixed a problem with the title of the related article module;

    -Fix the misplacement problem caused by the line breaking of the hot style list title;

    2022-04-20 Update V4.8

    -Add Banner search bar and switch on home page;

    -Add 1.7 thumbnail call mode switch to avoid memory shortage caused by too large thumbnail;

    -Select the calling method of the new list summary;

    -The "Back to Top" button is displayed when the specified distance is added;

    -Add side bar switch at mobile end;

    -New search list template style selection;

    -The optimization theme LOGO night mode is set separately;

    -Optimizing the stochastic problem of related articles;

    -Optimize the interactive experience of theme slide setting page prompt information and image upload;

    -When there is only one slide in the optimization, the carousel is not executed;

    -Optimize the style of calendar sidebar and site information sidebar in light off mode;

    -Optimize symbol alignment style before ordered and unordered text lists;

    -Optimize the list of regular thumbnails, and support the acquisition of off site addresses in non image formats;

    -Optimize the breadcrumb navigation home page custom text;

    -When the optimization search box is empty, submit the form only to get the focus and not to submit it;

    -Optimize article videos to support playback in m3u8 format;

    -Add a magnifying glass style after matching keywords for the "text label auto inner link" plug-in;

    -Perfect color settings to support customization typeface , add background image settings, and customize the color of header and footer;

    -Fix the bug of rolling progress bar;

    -Fix the problem that the reader wall cannot recognize the user's external link when the user's link is an internal link;

    -Fix the problem that the login status avatar in the comment area is empty in some cases;

    -Fixed the exception that the bread crumb classification function reported an error in some environments;

    -Comment on paging mobile terminal problems;

    2021-10-18 Update V4.7

    -Fix the error in linking the title of the atlas style;

    -My pot, Sorry~

    2021-10-15 Update V4.6

    -Add a new style selection for the home page list, which supports four styles (default/community/atlas/sticker);

    -Select "set top" for new conditions, and support "set top only for home page" and "set top also for pagination";

    -Add (classification/label) list page summary display and switch;

    -New month folding function and control on article archiving page;

    -Optimize SEO description to filter audio code when obtaining body content;

    -Fix the failure of the date switch on the archive page;

    -Optimize and fix some known problems;

    2021-05-24 Update V4.5

    -Add 1.7 background theme setting tab icon;

    -Optimize the paging at the bottom of the list (the number of pages can be customized by PC, and the mobile terminal can automatically reduce the page number);

    -Fix errors in the number of summary words and other known problems in some cases;

    2021-04-24 Update V4.4

    -Optimize audio playback to load directly;

    -Optimize the update strategy of the number of views of the sidebar webmaster module;

    -Fix the problem that there is no space in some environments after the breadcrumb navigation arrow;

    -Fix the problem that the distance between mobile terminals of Banner on the home page is too large;

    2021-04-22 update V4.3

    -When adding an article to customize a video, the thumbnail of the list will display the play button;

    -Remove the execution of theme automatic cache in debug mode (the system has its own);

    -Optimize styles such as no comment prompt, comment avatar user name when logged in, and video player background;

    -Fixed home page filtering of specified classified articles in zblog 1.7;

    -Fixed the problem that the Banner background parallax scrolling failed on the home page;

    -Restore the night mode LOGO dynamic color;

    -Fix the "theme is not define" problem caused by ajax form submission;

    2021-03-17 Update V4.2

    -Add configuration management and move the "Keep Setting Information" function to this tab;

    -Add the function of importing and exporting theme settings;

    -Added reset theme setting function;

    -New PC list large switch settings;

    -The new theme setting has no refresh and submit switch setting;

    -Guidance prompt of optimization theme module;

    -Fix the page turning problem of comments;

    -Fixed some problems with the number of slides and abstract words;

    -Fix the style problem of long text overflow;

    2021-03-05 Update V4.1

    -New reader wall template settings (you can customize the maximum number of readers and filter the readers who fill in the website);

    -The comments in the optimization review do not participate in the reader wall;

    -Restore the forced proportion of the iframe of the article content;

    -Optimize the address of this page of the copyright description of the article to use urldecode decoding;

    -Fixed some problems such as repeated page refreshes after adding slides;

    -Fix known problems with the comment function;

    2021-03-01 Update V4.0

    -Add reader wall template page and reader wall sidebar module;

    -New comments have priority in calling QQ mailbox avatar;

    -Add an input email to display the avatar in real time;

    -New editing and deleting functions for list, article and page auxiliary information (only visible to administrators);

    -Optimize that the user name of the first comment does not show visitors;

    -Optimize night mode code highlighting and some styles;

    -Optimize and save the theme settings to automatically update the sidebar module;

    -Fix the problem of quick clicking the comment button for multiple comments;

    -Fix the invalid sorting switch of category list;

    -Fix the problem of duplicate email notification configuration name and comment mailbox switch name;

    2021-02-20 Update V3.9

    -New thumbnail support for ZBlog1.7;

    -Added support for sorting SEO titles;

    -Add SEO title to convert escape characters into entity characters;

    -New SEO paging title flip setting;

    -Add confirmation prompt of sending test email;

    -On the new theme setting page, press Ctrl+S to save the configuration;

    -A new audio/video media switch is added. After closing, the article editing page will not display audio/video settings;

    -Optimize the theme setting interaction and front part style;

    -Adjust the error message of sending email test to Chinese prompt;

    -Fix the problem that custom CSS cannot be saved successfully;

    2021-02-02 Update V3.8

    -Add email notification function;

    -SEO Settings New separator settings;

    -Optimize the default size of article copyright QR code;

    -Optimize background forms without refreshing and submitting and adding toast tips;

    -Fix the problem that LOGO special effects do not jump when clicked;

    2021-01-29 Update V3.7

    -Comment avatar Add QQ avatar when using QQ mailbox;

    -Optimize the keyword style of the search results page;

    -Fixed an error when using the batch article management plug-in;

    2021-01-29 Update V3.6

    -New search result page pagination;

    -Add user-defined avatar upload and gender settings;

    -Setting of new user article list page and column on side 8;

    -Add crumb tail setting. The crumb tail can select four words of "body content" or article/page title;

    -Add the media icon setting of the list title, and set the position of the icon before and after the title;

    -New/browse/comment sorting functions are added to the list;

    -Improved template page automatic matching and free template setting, so the "forced list template" function is removed;

    -Optimize the possible plug-in conflicts of background upload controls;

    -Fix the problem that the image alt on the search results page is interrupted by keywords;

    -Fix the label output problem when there is no auxiliary information configuration;

    2021-01-22 Update V3.5

    -Add custom video settings, support automatic playback and cyclic playback;

    -Add custom code blocks for the header and footer of the website and the beginning and end of the article;

    -When the optimization search page has no results, click the keyword to jump to Baidu Search;

    -Fix bugs with friendly time;

    2021-01-21 Update V3.4

    -New article audio player function;

    -Optimize the link opening method to add options;

    -Optimize the volume of some files;

    -Fixed the problem of the first line indentation of article pictures;

    -Fix the problem of blank forms on the mobile end caused by content protection;

    2021-01-17 Update V3.3

    -New navigation login button style;

    -Improve the interactive experience of theme configuration;

    -Optimize the judgment mechanism of UEditor plug-in;

    -Optimize the click range of light box pictures

    -Reduce the problem of banner parallax jitter;

    -Fix the problem that the resolution is displayed on the mobile terminal;

    -Fix the content overflow problem of the article copyright notice module;

    -Fix the error reported when saving the configuration after upgrading the original version;

    -Adjust some styles and fix other known problems;

    2021-01-01 Update V3.2

    -Add the function of picture background and grayscale mask on the station closing page;

    -Add browser Zoom reminder function;

    -Add the function of jumping to user-defined address when no permission is available;

    -Add new article page labels and independent switches for upper and lower articles;

    -Add traditional language pack;

    -Optimization theme after upgrading script And style cache;

    -Remove the PHP QR code and change it to the js QR code plug-in;

    -Adjust some UI styles;

    Update V3.0 on December 26, 2020

    -Newly added website closing personality page;

    -Fixed the error in judging the regular expression of the mobile terminal;

    -Adjust some default configurations and UI styles;

    2020-12-18 Update V2.8

    -Standardize the closing of page labels;

    -Optimize the style of the login page and switch it on and off independently. You can select the login with the theme or the original login;

    -Add the function of banner whole station display;

    -Optimize the pop-up window width and prompt content changes of WeChat sharing;

    -Optimize the pictures obtained by the thumbnail regular matching collection tool;

    -Perfect the annotation and usage of each function;

    -Fix the bug caused by the previous version of the slide;

    -Optimize some UI styles and picture examples;

    2020-12-10 Update V2.7

    -Add home slide module and detailed function settings;

    -Add homepage friendship link module and support mobile terminal display and hiding;

    -The adjustment range of the font size control on the article page is 2px;

    -The traditional time of the optimization theme configuration page is adjusted to the current time;

    -Enhance content protection function;

    -Optimize font size and UI changes of theme;

    Updated V2.6 on November 9, 2020

    -Add the theme sidebar module of "Profile of webmaster";

    -Adjust the theme settings, organize the sidebar to the new tab settings;

    -Automatically update sidebar when optimizing and saving theme settings;

    -Adjust some UI styles;

    Updated V2.5 on November 2, 2020

    -Add random thumbnail function (with 10);

    -Fix the asynchronous problem of delayed image loading;

    -Fix the problem of saving theme settings when the directory does not exist;

    Update V2.4 on October 30, 2020

    Add the simplified version double column setting of related articles;

    -Optimize the delayed loading function of lists and article images;

    -Improve the list thumbnail support format;

    -Hide the manual light switch button when adjusting the automatic light switch;

    -Adjust the default value and range of the article QR code;

    -Optimize and save the theme configuration to automatically clear the QR code and article archive cache;

    -Fix the display problem of the article archiving date sorting control;

    2020-06-16 Update V2.3

    -New adaptation of the new UE editor (the implementation of the light box is only for uploading pictures and emoticons and independent styles of attachments);

    -Add a new tag cloud template (with and without sidebar);

    -New article archiving template;

    -Add QR code function for copyright notice;

    -Name of optimization module title;

    -The optimization theme sidebar module supports the number setting;

    -Repair the hole that was not filled in the article page of the previous version;

    -Optimize W3C html structure;

    Update V2.2 on June 11, 2020

    -The upper and lower sections of the new article page are only limited to the current category switch settings;

    -New top articles simplify switch settings;

    -New related articles support the display of graphic and simplified versions;

    -New related articles can only be set for the current category switch;

    -The new sidebar suspension style can select the overall viscous suspension or the end module intelligent suspension;

    -Add 2 character switch settings for indenting the first line of the article paragraph;

    -Add SEO description data selection and word limit;

    -Add "Popular Reading", "Hot Review Articles", "Recommended Reading", "Latest Articles" and "Latest Comments" topic sidebar modules;

    -New side bar module "popular reading" and "hot review article" module distance from the current number of days;

    -New themes have their own sidebar thumbnail unified switch settings;

    -The new sharing function supports the independent setting of articles and pages;

    -Optimize article description tags to remove html space characters;

    -The optimized picture light box becomes a magnifying glass pointer when the mouse is moved in;

    -Perfect the traditional time and add the month, month and day option;

    -Repair the failure of the sharing function switch;

    2020-06-09 Update V2.1

    -The user name is displayed below the avatar when the new comment form has been logged in;

    -New article and page control reading more functions separately;

    -Optimize the side bar viscous suspension;

    -Optimize thumbnail regular expression matching;

    -Optimize the style of item list in the body;

    -Fix the switch light problem on page 404;

    -Fix the title display problem on page N of the list;

    Update V2.0 on May 20, 2020

    -Subject complies with W3C specification;

    -Name of normative theme template;

    -Add the style of "quotation/code/table/video" in the body of the article;

    -Add copyright notice settings at the bottom of the article;

    -Add traditional date time format selection;

    -The newly added comment form mailbox and website field are opened independently;

    -Optimize the sticky fixing of the side bar suspension bottom;

    -Optimize the problem that the left and right keys still turn pages when the text box triggers the focus;

    -Adjust comment time to support friendliness;

    -Adjustment comments can only be clicked when the website is available;

    -Delete a redundant meta tag on the article page;

    -Fix the width problem caused by changing the window when the sidebar is suspended;

    Update V1.9 on May 13, 2020

    -New article sharing function;

    -Add the text font size control function of the article page;

    -New configuration page customized CSS code highlighting editor;

    -Add the module suspension function at the end of the sidebar;

    -Friendly prompt when there is no search result on the new search page;

    -Selection switch for SEO title classification of new article page;

    -Fix the compatibility problem that the fixed width of the article picture light box is not fully displayed;

    -Fix the compatibility problem of navigation search button icons;

    Update V1.8 on April 17, 2020

    ·Add the function of turning on and off lights on the page, and support automatic turning on and off lights in user-defined time periods;

    ·New article picture light box function;

    ·Add the function of scrolling loading bar at the top of the page;

    ·Add the function of rolling numbers at the bottom of the page;

    ·Enhance content protection function;

    ·Fix the problem that the configuration cannot be saved;

    ·Fix the problem that the comment avatar cannot be displayed normally;

    ·Optimize the style of theme part;

    Update V1.7 on April 15, 2020

    ·Add custom verification code character settings;

    ·Add the function of graying out the website on the specified date only;

    ·Add a user-defined height setting for the banner diagram on the home page, which can independently set the height of PC/mobile terminal;

    ·Optimize the banner parallax scrolling effect on the home page;

    ·Optimize that the banner text subtitle on the home page does not display horizontal lines when it is empty;

    Update V1.6 on April 5, 2020

    ·Add the function of graying out only on the home page or the whole station;

    ·The input box follows the comment position when optimizing the comment reply;

    ·Add arrow action at more positions on the article page;

    ·Adjust the sequence and description of some setting items on the theme configuration page;

    ·Resolve the page jitter caused by the configuration page UEditor editor;

    Update V1.5 on April 4, 2020

    ·New website breadcrumb navigation and switch;

    ·Optimize the style and quantity of list pagination;

    ·Optimize the highlighting of website navigation article page;

    ·Optimizing the order of titles;

    ·Optimize the graying function of the whole station;

    ·Optimize the style and font size of the theme;

    ·Fix the error reported on the independent page;

    Update V1.4 on April 1, 2020

    ·Re add pull-down loading/image delayed loading/content protection functions, without adding the whole station search function;

    ·Optimize the theme part style and configuration page content description;

    ·Remove some attributes of linking new windows. If a new window is required, turn on the "Link New Window" switch on the configuration page;

    ·Optimization of search page title order;

    ·Restore the theme thumbnail;

    Update V1.3 on March 27, 2020

    ·With ZBlogPHP 1.6 Release;

    ·Remove some functions of the theme (remove: pull-down loading/delayed image loading/content protection/whole station search function);

    Update V1.2 on February 25, 2020

    Take over the background login page style;

    Fix the bug in the function of clearing empty paragraphs;

    The "Link Management Center" plug-in can support the form based management navigation and drop-down menu;

    Update V1.1 on January 1, 2020

    New theme configuration page;

    Automatically change the background top background when adding and enabling themes;

    Add a thumbnail of the user-defined list of articles;

    Add image LOGO upload, image LOGO and text LOGO switching, image LOGO crossing special effects and switches;

    Add Favicon icon upload and switch;

    The default thumbnail upload of newly added list articles supports the functions and switches of turning off thumbnails, random thumbnails, displaying with pictures but hiding without pictures;

    Add banner background image upload and parallax scroll switch functions on the home page;

    New search switch and default search box prompt text setting;

    New article page read more button switch. The button supports two styles, and the height of the read area can be set;

    Add auxiliary information switches and drag and drop sorting functions for lists, articles and pages (user name, date, category name, number of readings, number of comments);

    New functions and switches for page turning on the left and right keys of the list page and page jumping on the left and right keys of the article page;

    Add relevant article module switch and display number setting;

    Set the number of words in the new list article summary;

    Add a new home page to filter a single category or specify multiple classified article settings;

    Add custom HTML settings at the bottom of the article (support code sharing);

    Add list ajax page turning and switches, and support automatic loading of specified page turning times by scrolling the bottom;

    New List View Full Text button switch;

    Independent switch for new articles and page comments;

    New navigation floating follow function and switch;

    New link all new window functions and switches;

    The whole station ash transformation function and switch are added;

    New image delay loading function and switch;

    New article clearing empty paragraphs function and switch;

    New content protection functions and switches (firebug prohibition, content selection prohibition and right mouse button prohibition are supported);

    New global search function and switch support page content search;

    Add the personalized display function and switch of release time (the display format is N minutes or N days ago when it is turned on, and the display format is 2020-01-01 when it is turned off);

    Add back to top function switch;

    Add custom SEO functions and switches, and set home page, list page, article and page information;

    New color setting function and switch, which can set theme tone and sidebar position, and support custom CSS settings;

    Optimize the alignment of paragraphs;

    Optimize Click the search button to automatically trigger the focus of the search box, and press ESC to cancel the search display;

    Fixed the problem of manually refreshing the display of comments for the first time;

    Release V1.0 on December 13, 2019

  • Application Purchase and Use Agreement

    1. Before you purchase an app, you need to confirm whether it meets your needs. According to Article 25 of the Consumer Protection Law, the app is a digital product downloaded online and cannot be refunded once it is downloaded and installed after purchase.

    2. You are responsible for complying with any applicable laws when using this app. If anyone infringes on the rights and interests of others or violates the law, we will bear all the consequences, and we will not bear any responsibility.

    3. The applications you purchased in Tuoyuan (hereinafter referred to as our site) and zblog application center are not bound with domain names. You only need to log in to the Tuoyuan account in the application to use it, but they cannot be used in the station cluster system. If a large number of request servers cause congestion and affect the use of other users, we will close your account.

    4. An application can only be used for a single account. Without the consent of the website, it cannot be released, presented, resold, leased, pirated, etc., or we will permanently close your account and reserve the right to continue to investigate relevant responsibilities.

    5. Unless otherwise specified, the purchased applications only include relevant use rights and free update services. The website or zblog application center does not provide additional customized modification or image processing services.

    6. Our website reserves the right to change, restrict, freeze or terminate your use of certain functions without notifying you and assuming no responsibility for you.

    Purchasing Guide

    1. Tuoyuan Channel: Please register your account and log in first, click the "Buy Now" button on the intended application details page to enter the order page, and follow the instructions.

    2、 Channel of zblog application center: register and log in to the application center, visit the intended application details page, click the "Purchase Application" button, and follow the instructions.

    3. The station is open for a limited time Tuoyuan fan welfare For activities, you can get coupons every quarter and use them when placing orders on this website.

    Download and Installation Guide

    1. Tuoyuan.com channel: log in to the site and click the top navigation avatar to enter the user center, on the left“ Order management ”Download the application (zba format file) in, and then go to the theme management or plug-in management on the left side of the background of your website zblog, upload the zba file and enable it.

    2、 Channel of zblog application center: log in to the background of your website zblog, find the purchased application in the "Application Center" - "My Application Warehouse" on the left, click the application title to enter the application details, and then "Get Application" installation.

    Use and Help Guide

    1. The Tuoyuannet application of this website and zblog application center needs to log in to the Tuoyuannet account inside the application for use.

    2. Since zblog and php have file upload restrictions, please refer to Help Documents Modify settings.