Good men should be like sanitary napkins!

informal essay five thousand four hundred and eighty-three 12 years ago (2011-11-22)

Both have a common goal
Provide women with a sense of security
The so-called married man, married man, dressed for dinner
Material security comes first
Of course, there is also a sense of emotional security
You have to be considerate
Soft and close to the body like sanitary napkin
You must tightly wrap the heart of your beloved woman
Care and cherish
You have to be frivolous
She must need you
But she certainly needs her own space
At this time, you will become thin as nothing
Give her the greatest freedom but always be around
You must be innocent
A woman's heart is quite small
I'm afraid the most intolerable is the man's plaything
Maybe we can ignore the past
But when you were with her
Your experience is as white and sanitary as sanitary napkin
You'd better be lenient
So you can hold as many things as possible
Because women are irrational animals
Especially when she doesn't want to be rational
It will test your capacity
Better get the equipment together
With a pair of small wings
Take her flying all over the sky
All women love romance