Add cloud input method for your Zblog (QQ, Sogou, Baidu)

web front end six thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine 12 years ago (2012-04-16)

I accidentally found that many websites have cloud input methods in their comment boxes, so I went to various cloud input methods websites and gave Tuoyuan Network Cloud IME button is also added in the comment box of.

Add an input method button on the website. There are detailed instructions on the website. Click to start the cloud input method.

Code example:

QQ cloud input method Icon (This icon is used Photoshop ICO of software plug-in unit It is generated and processed. Photoshop installed with this plug-in can support opening and saving in ICO format. Friends who need this plug-in can Click here to download

The above icons can be saved locally by right clicking to beautify them with styles, or saved with other tools browser Supported picture formats.

Css style:

a { display:block; line-height:22px; padding-left:20px; font-size:12px; background:url(qqpinyin.jpg) no-repeat 0 3px; }

Html code:

<a href="javascript: (function (q) {q? Q.toggle(): function (d, j) {j=d.createElement ('script '); j.async=true; j.src='//ime. qq. com/fcgi bin/getjs'; j.setAttribute ('ime cfg ',' lt=2 '); d=d. getElementsByTagName ('head') [0]; d.insertBefore (j, d. firstChild)} (document)}) (window. QQQ WebIME)">Click to start QQ cloud input method, which supports five strokes of input</ a>