CSS HACK method of Safari

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It was mentioned in previous articles IE6 /IE7/IE8/ IE9 /Firefox's CSS HACK method. What is Safari's CSS HACK?


See the following CSS code:



    color: black;                              /* ff */  

    color: #fff\9\0;                            /* IE9 */  

    color: #ff0000\0;                       /* IE8 */  

    [color: #666; color: #999;       /* Safari Chrome */  

    *color: green;                           /* IE7 */  

    _color: blue;                             /* IE6 */


@media all and (min-width: 0px){

/*Safari and Opera browser Common Styles for*/


@media all and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0){

/*Select {[; here Safari style is set separately]}*/

select{ [;color:#666;] }


HTML code

<div class="box">  

Here, different colors are displayed according to the CSS HACK of different browsers!   


In IE6 browser typeface The color is blue;

The font color is green in IE7 browser;

The font color is red in IE8 browser;

The font color is white in IE9 browser;

The font color is black in Firefox browser;

The font color is gray in Safari and Chrome browsers.