Problems needing attention in pixel icon design

Visual Design six thousand eight hundred and fifty-one 11 years ago (2012-07-31)

pixel Icon There are many problems to be noticed in the design. Let's design a pixel icon first.

First, we use Photoshop Create a new 14× 14 pixel transparent File.

Next, let's draw the outline of the icon. Select a 1px pencil for the brush and use a dark gray tone.

Note: 1. To draw a straight line, click the starting point, and then press Shift to click the end point of the line.

2. At any time, if you want to clear the pixels, please use the eraser tool and select Pencil Mode and 1px size.

After the outline is drawn, let's use Magic The wand tool adds a gradient to the middle part. The specific steps are: create a new layer - use the magic wand tool - click the middle blank part - use the gradient tool in the selection area to add a gradient (the foreground color is light gray, and the background color is white).

Next, we will highlight the icon. The specific steps are: create a new layer - draw a white highlighted part on the left inside the outline.

Next, we will combine all the layers into a folder (shortcut key "Ctrl+G"), and then we will draw a pencil icon.

Similarly, we first draw the outline of a pencil, then draw a gradient and combine it in a folder.

So a pixel icon is drawn. Here I would like to add one more point, When you draw an icon of the same size, you must create a new file of the same size. Never design an icon in a file of the same size and then reduce it to a small icon.