Solution to no signal on desktop computer boot display

informal essay five thousand and eight hundred 4 years ago (2019-11-26)

No self inspection: after pressing the power on key, the cpu fan turns or stops for a while, the screen is blank and there is no display, the keyboard case key indicator cannot be switched on and off, and the network card indicator does not light up.

1. Memory is loose. (Reseat the memory module and wipe the memory golden finger with a dry paper towel)

2. The mainboard is static. (Power off the host and remove the main board battery for discharging)

3. If the CPU power supply line is loose and the power supply line of the power supply CPU is not connected, self inspection will not be performed. (Reseat the CPU power cable for test)

4. The failure of video card and peripherals causes no self inspection. (Remove the graphics card and hard disk, unplug the peripherals, and perform the minimization test)

5. Hardware failure. (If the host has two memories, only one can be installed for testing.)