Jquery determines the browser type

web front end nine thousand six hundred and ninety-eight 11 years ago (2013-08-11)

Use jquery to judge browser Syntax required: $. browser ['Browser keyword ']

Example of judging the syntax of each browser:

 $(function() {  if($.browser.msie) {  alert("this is msie");    else if($.browser.safari)   alert("this is safari!");    else if($.browser.mozilla)   alert("this is mozilla!");    else if($.browser.opera) {  alert("this is opera");    else {  alert("i don't konw!");   }

In addition, we can also use the HTML annotation format to determine the browser type, such as in the IE6 The browser prompts the user to upgrade to achieve better display effect:

 <!-- [if IE 6]>  <p>You are using IE6 to access this page. In order to achieve better display effect, please upgrade your browser version</ p>  <! [endif]-->

The HTML annotation format can also use greater than, equal to, or less than operators like JQuery:

[if IE] Judge whether IE

[if! IE] Judge whether it is not IE

[if lt IE 5.5] Judge whether it is below IE5.5

[if lte IE 6] Judge whether IE6 or below

[if gt IE 5] Judge whether IE5 or above

[if gte IE 7] Judge whether IE7 or above

[if IE 7] Judge whether it is IE7

[if! (IE 7)] Judge whether it is not IE7

[if (gt IE 5)&(lt IE 7)] Judge whether IE5 is above and IE7 is below

[if (IE 6) | (IE 7)] Judge whether IE6 or IE7

 <!-- [if IE]><p>You are using IE browser</p><! [endif]-->  <! [if! IE]><p>You are not using an IE browser</ p><! [endif]> <!-- [if (IE 5)]><p>You are using IE5 browser</ p><! [endif]--> <!-- [if (gte IE 5.5)&(lt IE 7)]><p>You are using IE5.5 or IE6 browser</ p><! [endif]--> <!-- [if lt IE 5.5]><p>You are using browsers below IE5</p><! [endif]--> <!-- [if IE 7]><p>You are using IE7 browser</ p><! [endif]--> <!-- [if! (IE 7)]><p>You are not using an IE7 browser</ p><! [endif]-->  <!-- [if gte IE 7]><p>You are using IE7 or above browser</ p><! [endif]-->