Method of hiding RAR into JPG

informal essay seven thousand two hundred and forty-two 12 years ago (2011-12-24)

First, we prepare a cover up picture in the root directory of disk D, such as "toyean. jpg"; Prepare a target file to be hidden in the picture, such as "toy. rar". Of course, you can compress any file as the target file.

Then, we open the Dos window, where you can directly click Start Run, enter CMD Enter, or create a new text document in the root directory of disk D, open it, enter cmd.exe, exit saving, and name the text document cmd.bat file.

In the command prompt box, we need to enter a command to combine the target file with the image, which can hide the eyes and ears of people. Because many files have copyrights and need to be charged, and we can't provide download addresses blatantly, we can hide these files in the image for download by people who are destined to download them.

Ok, no more nonsense, please see the following command.

In the Dos window, enter "copy/b d: toyean.jpg+d: toyean.rar d: over.jpg" to finish. How about it? It's very simple~

After the command is completed, the Over.jpg file we finally need will be generated in the root directory of drive D. Double click Over.jpg to browse normally like other pictures. After changing the extension of Over.jpg to Over.rar, you can unzip it to any location we need.

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