After forgetting the password of LAN transmission tool "Flying Pigeon"

informal essay eleven thousand eight hundred and ninety-six 11 years ago (2013-01-08)

Flying pigeon messenger software is believed to be familiar to all. It is a very excellent LAN file transmission tool. It is based on TCP/IP and supports information exchange on multiple platforms (Windows/Mac/Unix/Java). Some people call it the free QQ of the LAN, which can communicate with Feiqiu and Lazy Q, and it also opens source code.

The pigeon messenger has the lock transmission function. When setting the password for the first time, the old password is not editable. Just fill in the password and verify the password. The encryption method of IpMsg is irreversible, so if you forget the password, you need to delete the registry key value and reset the password.

If you forget the password of Flying Pigeon Messenger, please delete the following key values in the registry:


I like the 2007 green single document version very much. The download address of IpMsg is