Extending CSS style of pop-up background to full screen advertising link

web front end ten thousand one hundred and one 11 years ago (2013-08-14)

Sometimes I visit some material websites and add many fake advertisements to make the advertisement download address too realistic, but the real address is hard to find. Many material websites and software stations are like this, which is very annoying.

You will get used to it when you click a download link. If you see setup.exe, in most cases, it is either an advertising software or a trojan program; Be careful if it is an exe file with other names. You'd better use anti-virus software to check and kill it. Maybe some trojans will be killed Viruses

When it comes to disguised full screen advertising links, the concept of user interaction is also involved. For example, Tencent's pop-up background CSS style is slightly modified as follows:

 <a href="#" style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; z-index:3; height:100%; cursor:default; background:#fff; opacity:0.3; _filter:alpha(opacity=50); filter:alpha(opacity=50)\9;" target="_blank"></a>

Add the above link to the website, and change the link address to the advertising link. It is seldom noticed at runtime, because cursor: default changes the mouse to the default state, When we place the mouse on any link of the web page, the mouse pointer is also in the default state, I have to say that the disguise is too good. In most cases, no matter where we click, we will jump to the advertising page. Therefore, I usually use debugging tools (firebug, IE developer tools, etc.) to delete advertising links.