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Visual Design thirty-eight thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven 12 years ago (2012-07-21)

If the AI file to be printed is embedded with a picture, it will be sent to the staff of the printing factory, and the other party will not be able to see the picture in the AI file.

Therefore, before sending it to the printing house for printing, you need to embed the linked image into the AI file so that the AI file opened by the other party can see the image. How to embed the image into the AI file? See the following steps:

The method for embedding pictures into AI files is: File ->Save as (select ai or eps format) ->In the pop-up panel, select the check box in front of "Include linked files" and click OK.

In this way, all the pictures are embedded in the AI file and sent to the printing factory.

If the image is too large to be embedded in the AI file, it can be packaged and sent to the printing factory. The printing factory staff needs to re link the image, so it is best to embed the image into the AI file to prevent unnecessary loss.