I don't know who is so talented

informal essay seven thousand and sixty-seven 13 years ago (2011-02-23)

The liquid fire makes you wake up like a dream, floating in the air, turning the world upside down, rotating the world, watering the ups and downs of human history, and rendering the music, chess, calligraphy and painting colorful.

Drunken by Liu Ling, crazy about poetry immortals, the publicity of Cao Mengde, wrote the Hongmen Feast, wetted the Apricot Blossom Rain during the Qingming Festival, thinned the crabapple Li Yan'an, helped Wu Song to avoid the tiger with three fists on the Jingyang Hill, and helped Song Jiang to write poems and revolt. How many heroes you have helped, how many village men and savages you have brought down, how many songs and dances are against you, how beautiful you are, how inspiring poetry is, and how brave people are.

Some people use you to go crazy, others use you to seize power. Sometimes you are just a prop to set off the atmosphere on the negotiation table. Sometimes you are more like a concealed weapon, which anesthetizes the greedy opponent. You enter the Zhumen mansion and the cottage yard, which not only overflow the royal golden cup, but also fill the farmhouse's thick bowl. Worry also wants you, joy also wants you.

On the wedding night, when you meet an old friend in a foreign country, when you win the gold list, the prisoners in exile, the fallen literati and poets, and the high officials of the imperial court are your bosom friends, your partners, and even the death row prisoners who are about to go on the road, let you identify them. Because of how many events you have delayed, how many cases you have committed, how many anecdotes you have brought to life, how many masterpieces you have produced, and how many people have died of liver cancer.

It is true that there are you for success, for failure, for life, and for death. You are the cream of sorrow, for poverty, for wealth, and for every family.