Several ways to add QQ, MSN, Aliwangwang, Skype session buttons to the website

web front end eight thousand six hundred and thirty-nine 13 years ago (2011-01-28)

Several ways to add QQ button
Method 1:
<a href=" "><img src=" " border="0">toyean</a>
Method 2:
<a target=blank href= tencent://message/?uin=476590949 Alt="Click here to send me a message">476590949</a>
In addition to the above methods, you can also set them on Tencent QQ's online home page:

Several ways to add MSN buttons
<a href="msnim:chat?contact= ">Contact customer service</a>

MSN Messenger 7.5 and later
Available on browser Enter the following command in the address bar
Create a conversation: msnim: chat? contact=[ ]
Add friend: msnim: add? contact=[ ]
Voice chat: msnim: voice? contact=[ ]
video Chat: msnim: video? contact=[ ]

How to add AliWangwang button:
<a href="wangwang: SendIM? The other party's account&uid_t=the other party's account&suid=your own account&desc=the name of the product">Alibaba Wangwang</a>

How to add the SKYPE button:
<a href=" callto://SKYPE Number ">SKYPE</a>