Why doesn't Microsoft use the elegant black font, which costs $100 per word?

Visual Design five thousand five hundred and ninety-four 13 years ago (2010-10-13)

Microsoft Microsoft Yahei, which fully supports ClearType technology, was launched at the end of 2006 typeface Microsoft Yahei has its own unique personality, beautiful structure, strong recognition, good block effect, clear display and other advantages. It has become one of the most favorite fonts of many people, and the latest Microsoft operating system Windows7 At the same time, the Yahei font V6.0 version is built in.

All of this seems to be beautiful. More and more webmasters and designers like to use Microsoft Yahei font in the process of building enterprise websites. Whether it is graphic design or text copyable text, a very simple reason is that it looks beautiful. The main purpose of enterprise website construction is to promote and market, so that users can have more and better information and product information of the enterprise. However, the overall use of Yahei font on the website is insufficient User experience A manifestation of deep understanding. Why do you say that?
1、 Yahei font cannot be seen on the homepage of Microsoft official website

Yahei font cannot be seen on the homepage of Microsoft official website

Microsoft Yahei font is a sans serif font and a boldface font. According to the development experts, the cost of each font is about $100. The home page of Microsoft's official website with such cost fonts is not used by itself, but Tahoma and Verdana are still used as the main fonts. Germany and Italy have looked through Microsoft's Chinese website specially, and found that only 3 of the 12 main columns are partially appropriate to use Microsoft's Yahei font, and these columns almost involve new Windows products and new versions of Office, Tahoma and Verdana fonts are almost used in the body content, and the use rate of Yahei font on Microsoft's official website is almost less than 20%.  

2、 Want to know how other computers display Microsoft Yahei font?

Most of the reasons for using Microsoft elegant black font in enterprise website construction are Web Design It is undeniable that the fresh and beautiful beauty of Yahei has left a deep impression on the teacher's personal preference. In addition, the designer's display is generally good enough to fully display the font effect. But we must not forget that the display effect of Microsoft Yahei font requires preconditions:
1. Microsoft Yahei is a font released with Windows Vista in simplified Chinese. In the LCD with ClearType function, Microsoft Yahei is clearer and easier to read than the default Chinese Song typeface of Windows XP.
2. On the Windows XP platform, ClearType is turned off by default and turned on by default until Internet Explorer 7.  

According to the figures released by CNZZ Data Center in September 2010, more than 90% of the people in China are using Windows XP, while more than 53% of the users still use Internet Explorer 6.0 which is not upgraded, which means that even if all computers are installed with Microsoft Yahei font, more than half of the users look down on the best effect, And different displays have different support for ClearType. Take Microsoft Yahei with the size of 14 pixels as an example, more displays still cannot get better display effect. This is why Microsoft's official website does not use the elegant black font, which costs $100 per word, and it is also a factor that mainstream IT websites have not yet adopted Microsoft's elegant black font. If you really like the Microsoft Yahei font, Deyi suggests that the Microsoft Yahei font should only be used as a title, the pixel definition should not be less than 14 pixels and should be bold, and the text should use the traditional Song typeface, Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, and Sans serif.

Don't use too much Microsoft Yahei font in enterprise website construction. At the same time, I have seen many personal websites and blogs also like Microsoft Yahei font. Unless you are confident that readers can easily read your blog, please don't use Microsoft Yahei font throughout the site, which will only reduce the user experience of the site.