8 most disgusting jokes in history

informal essay four thousand and seven 13 years ago (2010-11-13)

1、 When I was a child, I was dishonest in eating. An old farmer told me to educate me: 60 years of hardship, no food to eat, and he never threw out his nose excrement

2、 A rich man asked a servant for an interview. The question was to go to the toilet. The first few came out without washing their hands. So the rich man sent them away. Only one washed his hands, so the rich man left him. But one day, the rich man found that he came out without washing his hands. The rich man asked him why? The servant replied: I brought toilet paper today

3、 A man saw a store on sale and went in. What do you buy? I want to buy dog food. We have a rule that you must prove that you have a dog. Where is such a rule? That's the case with discount goods. The man milled with the salesperson for a long time, but the salesperson still didn't agree to sell it to him, so the man had to go home and bring the dog to buy dog food. A few days later, the man went to this store to buy cat food and gave me two boxes of cat food. We have a rule that you must prove that you have a cat. It was the same salesperson. The man dallied with her for a long time, but he still had to go home and bring the cat to buy cat food. A few days later, the man came to the shop with a big cardboard box with a hole in it. He found the salesperson: What do you want to buy? Just put your hand in. The salesperson put his hand in: What is it? It's sticky. I want to buy two rolls of toilet paper.

4、 A man went to visit his grandmother with a friend. When he talked to Grandma, his friend began to eat the peanuts on the coffee table and ate them all. When they left, his friend said to Grandma, "Thank you for your peanuts." Grandma responded, "Oh! Hmm! Alas! Since my teeth fell out, I have only been able to suck the chocolate on their outer layers. I'm old, cough...

5、 Some people like the dish "Spicy Vermicelli Pot" very much. Once, he went to a restaurant and ordered this dish again. But the waiter told him that the dish was sold out. "Are they really sold out?" he asked disappointedly. Sir, they are really sold out. You see, the last one was sold to the gentleman at that table. The waiter replied. Following the waiter's instructions, the man saw a very respectable gentleman sitting next to him. The gentleman has eaten almost all the food, but the "Spicy Vermicelli Pot" is still full. The man thought that the gentleman was a waste of delicious food, so he walked up to the gentleman, pointed to the "Spicy Vermicelli Pot" and asked politely: Sir, do you want this? The gentleman shook his head gracefully. So the man immediately sat down, picked up the spoon and gobbled it down. The wind swept the clouds, and after a while, he was halfway down. Suddenly, he found a very small mouse lying at the bottom of the casserole, but its fur had grown completely. After a while of nausea, the man vomited all the fans back into the casserole. When he was upset there, the gentleman looked at him sympathetically and said, "It's disgusting, isn't it?"? I was like that just now..

6、 That day, the hotel owner was patrolling the lobby. A beggar came up and said, "Can the boss give me a toothpick?"? The boss sent him away. Later, another beggar came to ask for a toothpick. The boss wondered why the beggar didn't need a toothpick instead of a meal now? I also sent him away. Not too old, another beggar came. The boss said to him: Are you also here to ask for toothpicks? The beggar said: someone vomited, but I was a little late, and the two beggars in front had eaten all I could eat. Now there is only soup left. Can you give me a straw?

7、 The eldest child and the second child take a plane, and the second child is airsick and vomiting constantly. When one bag was full, the boss had to go to get the bag. When he came back, he found that all the people on the plane were vomiting. The boss asked the reason and the second brother said: I saw this bag was full, so I had to drink another half of it, and they all vomited.

If you see that you haven't vomited yet, I have to admit that you are an expert. I will use a unique skill---
One day, the eldest and the second went to the theater again. They saw that in the middle of the process, they argued for the development of the plot and bet on it. The boss pointed to a row of spittoons in front and said that the losers would have a drink of the things there. Unfortunately, the boss lost, so the boss frowned and took a drink. The two people then gambled on the following plot. This time, the second one lost, and the second one picked up a spittoon and drank 15 mouthfuls in a row. The eldest brother turned pale with astonishment and threw himself into the ground with admiration. He said to the second child, "You are so amazing! You can even drink 15 mouthfuls!"! The second child shook his head. I didn't want to drink it. The sputum in the spittoon was too thick. I really couldn't stop biting!