Graphic font design

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PART1: Why typeface Graphical Design

In modern design, the uniform standard font directly transferred from the computer can no longer meet the increasing aesthetic needs of Internet users, so designers should break the rules and be able to design fonts uniquely and individually according to different needs. At the same time, the graphic design of fonts is conducive to the creation of the atmosphere of the page and the better transmission of product features and functions, especially when promoting page design, we carry out special design and treatment on the title copy (often summarizing the special business needs of the whole activity), which forms a contrast with other content copies, arousing users' perceptual interest, So that users can effectively understand the key information of the page.

PART2: Methods and skills of graphic font design

Before starting, first understand the most basic and basic design processing methods of font design, such as bold, larger, italic, changing color or word spacing, and all advanced skills are extended and expanded or broken through on this basis.


For example, the popular Fan Object on the Internet comprehensively uses the basic methods of font design, such as enlarging and changing font color, which forms a strong contrast between words, highlights the key points, and establishes a good vision Hierarchy and focus.


The space between words has been changed to make the connection between words more closely, and the use of shadows has enriched the level.

(1) Font deformation

It is a skill often used in vi font design to do basic deformation processing on the basic shape called out by the computer.


Scheme 2 is more smooth than Scheme 1 in processing lines, and it also looks more lively (but it does not mean that Scheme 2 is better than Scheme 1, and appropriate methods need to be adopted depending on the specific situation)

At the same time, when doing font deformation design, we need to understand and analyze the trend of its stroke structure and its "temperament" and "feeling" reflected comprehensively


Because the whole picture needs to create an upward momentum, the lines become more inclined and sharp in design and processing, strengthening its sense of speed and strength. At the same time, if you design a page about women's products, you may use relatively curved and thin lines to reflect the feminine characteristics.

Tip: Learn from good English fonts.


(2) Glyph combination

The combination design of glyphs is actually the embodiment of abstract characters, that is, the combination of abstract characters and concrete graphics, which enables the audience to understand the information conveyed more quickly and leave a deep impression! When designing, the most important thing is to find the characteristic attributes and correlation between them.

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(3) 3D font design

The plane is three-dimensional, creating a sense of hierarchy and space. The simulation of physics makes it more close to reality and has more visual impact. When designing 3D characters, whether it is PS/AI or aided by 3D software, the most important thing is to master the changes of its light and shadow and the perspective of its shape.


If the shape is complex, you can use 3D software to grasp the perspective (if you are familiar with AI, you can use the commands such as "Effects>3D>Extrude&Bevel"). At the same time, you can use PS to process it later, such as enhancing the rendering of highlight shadows and the overall atmosphere.


PART3: Points that should be paid attention to in the specific design process of graphic font design

(1) Web Design It is mainly about the design of information transmission. Any design purpose is to enable users to quickly and effectively get their information. At the same time, do not give up everything for the sake of grandiose design skills. The first and most important thing is to ensure its identifiability;

(2) Font does not exist in isolation, but is one of the contents of the page. When designing, it needs to consider the coordination with other page elements around, and strengthen the overall atmosphere of the page.