Summary of web questionnaire entry

Visual Design five thousand nine hundred and thirty-three 13 years ago (2010-10-13)

In recent years Electronic Commerce SNS has developed rapidly, and has become people life Is becoming more and more important. People trapped by them will inevitably feel some changes, whether it is the birth of new products or the new look of old products, as if these changes are increasingly in line with our needs. For user researchers, in order to make products more and more meet people's needs, a survey method we often use in this process is questionnaire survey.

When it comes to questionnaire survey, we have to recall how the questionnaire survey was conducted a few years ago. I believe you all remember that we often see a group of people on the street with thick materials in their hands, and they stop passers-by to ask them to help complete the questionnaire; Or you will find a questionnaire in your email; Even when you sit on the sofa watching TV, a phone call comes in, and the other side of the phone may ask you a series of questions. Indeed, these are the past research methods. Now what about our questionnaire survey?

Today, the rapid development of e-commerce and SNS is due to our good use of a tool network. At this moment, the network has become the preferred tool for questionnaire survey. We can send an email to users through the network to invite them to fill in the answer; We can set a link on the page that users browse to attract interested users to fill in. Here, I want to make a summary of the latter method, which is temporarily called web questionnaire.

  1、 Measures for the effectiveness of web questionnaire

Whether it is a traditional questionnaire or a web questionnaire, the number of complete answers and the number of effective answers must be two aspects to measure the effectiveness of the questionnaire; In addition, there is also an important reference index for the web questionnaire, which is the number of responses to the questionnaire. For research that knows the total amount of launch in advance, we can evaluate the launch effect by calculating the response rate of the questionnaire, the complete response rate of the questionnaire, the effective response rate, etc.

According to the intervention time of our testing and processing of the questionnaire, we first see the number of responses to the questionnaire, then the number of complete answers, and finally the number of effective answers. Responses are at the forefront of each link of the questionnaire survey, and the number of responses to the questionnaire is often related to the number of complete answers as follows:

Number of responses=number of completed responses+number of open but completed questionnaires

Of course, for the current technical level, we do not need to carry out specific calculations. Most systems can display the number of responses to the questionnaire at any time.

"Response" is the first step for users to fill in the questionnaire, especially the web questionnaire, which relies more on the conscious response of users to help us complete the recovery of the questionnaire. However, not every web questionnaire can achieve the desired effect. What is it that affects the user's response to the questionnaire? What factors can we grasp to better recover the questionnaire through the website to achieve the corresponding research purposes? In view of these two problems, we will make this analysis and share it with you.

2、 Influential factors of web questionnaire response

We can't ignore the premise of choosing this method when we launch questionnaires through the web page. Users visiting this page are the target users of this survey. The number of user views on this page will certainly affect the user's response rate. The higher the number of page views, the more likely the user will respond to the questionnaire. However, there is no comparable value in the number of page views among different web questionnaires. No further analysis will be made here.

In addition to the number of page views, the factors that affect the response rate of the questionnaire on the website come from many aspects. Through summary, we find that the factors that have a great impact on the response rate of the questionnaire on the website and that we can help improve the response rate of the questionnaire by optimizing these aspects include four aspects, namely: the location of the question involved mouth, the interaction form of the questionnaire entrance, and the vision Design and guide copy of questionnaire entrance. The following will elaborate on these four aspects in detail.

  1、 Location of questionnaire entrance  

(1) Top of page

At present, the way of placing questionnaires at the top of the page is not widely used. The more important reason is that because the top is a very hot resource, it often places some content that can directly affect the commercial benefits. But if we have the opportunity to place the questionnaire, we must not miss it, because this location is easier to get users' attention than other locations.

The questionnaire at the top of the page is suitable for collecting user feedback when a new product/version is launched. The questionnaire title depends on the update of the product and can be followed up from time to time. The length of the questionnaire is often short.

Advantages: easy to get users' attention

Disadvantages: the length of the questionnaire is often short

Users can see the questionnaire before using this page, which will lead to two kinds of deviations: on the one hand, if users answer questions without using this page, they often fail to achieve our goal; On the other hand, if the user uses this page with the questions in the questionnaire, it is inevitable that these answers are processed by the user when answering the questions, rather than the first reaction of the user.

(2) Page Left/Right

The left and right sides of the page are parallel to the main content of the page. This position is used for more questionnaires. The launch of the left and right questionnaires greatly reduces the interference to "users using this page", and also means that the proportion of users paying attention to this questionnaire is reduced.

The questionnaire posted on the left and right sides of the page is more suitable for solving the problem of "problems encountered by users when using the product and new needs for the product". The questionnaire questions can be fixed or free, and the topics can be simplified or complex. These needs depend on the interactive form of the questionnaire entrance, which will be described in detail in the "Interactive form of questionnaire entrance" section!

Advantages: reduce the interference to users using the page

Disadvantages: greatly affected by entrance design and interaction form

(3) Bottom of page

This location is fixed and often put together with website authentication and other content, giving users a more "official" feeling. Due to its characteristics, the questionnaire used for this position often has a relatively fixed format and a moderate number of questions, which can be used for a long-term recovery of users' suggestions on this page (or product).

Advantages: relevant research can be carried out for a long time

Disadvantage: less attention from users

Different web page locations have different advantages and disadvantages for the launch of the questionnaire, which is closely related to the objectives of the questionnaire survey. Therefore, it is necessary to select an appropriate location for the launch of the questionnaire in combination with the purpose of the survey.

2、 Interactive form of questionnaire entrance

In web pages, there are many interaction modes. Different interaction modes give people different experiences, and of course, they will bring different effects. What are the interaction methods used in the web questionnaire? Only floating, fixed and pop-up are summarized here.

(1) Floating

Floating launch is very easy to attract users' attention. When launching, it will follow users' operations on the page. The disadvantage is that it may interfere with users' normal operations. The floating type is often used to launch questionnaires when updating products, so as to recover the problems encountered by users when using new products and new demands for products. The form of the questionnaire is relatively fixed, and the questions should be as simple as possible.

The floating questionnaire can be used at the top, left and right sides of the web page.

(2) Fixed

Once the form is fixed, it will lack attraction. But at the same time, the fixed type also has the advantage of less interference to users. Fixed launch is suitable for long-term recovery of users' use and needs of the product/page. The questionnaire title should be determined according to the product research goal. The length of the questionnaire is often longer than that of the floating launch.

Fixed questionnaires can be used anywhere on a web page. By comparison, they are least likely to attract users' attention when used at the bottom.

(3) Pop-up

Pop up questionnaire means that after the user stays on the page for a certain period of time, the page will automatically pop up the entrance to the questionnaire. To some extent, this method will interfere with users' current operations, but from another perspective, it is very easy to attract users' attention. Since pop-up has interrupted the user's current operation, its pop-up window is almost no longer limited by the attention points mentioned in the visual design (see the next section for details).

The interaction modes can be diverse, but different interaction modes have different interference degrees to users, and the results of questionnaire recovery are also different. The user's behavior on this page and the purpose of the questionnaire delivery need to be combined to decide which interaction mode to adopt to present the questionnaire.

3、 Visual Design of Questionnaire Entrance

Let's compare the following two questionnaire entries:

If the two logos shown in the above figure are included in the webpage, which one is easier for users to pay attention to? Which questionnaire is easier to be interested in? It is not difficult to find that the advantages of the former are obvious.

Good visual design can help improve the response rate of users to the questionnaire. The reasons include the following two aspects:

(1) Good design can help users pay more attention to the questionnaire entrance

(2) Good design can help improve users' interest in answering questionnaires

However, is this the goal of our questionnaire entry? In view of this problem, I specially learned the basic concept of designers when designing web pages. When designing a page, designers often need to consider the content of the page to arrange the overall visual effect of the page.

Then, for short-term questionnaire delivery and long-term questionnaire delivery, different schemes can be provided from different perspectives. For example, for short-term launch, users' feedback needs to be recovered to the greatest extent in a short time. At this time, the entrance of the questionnaire needs more attention to strengthen the vision. For long-term questionnaire delivery, users are not only required to fill in the questionnaire for the first time; But the second time they encounter a problem, they can find the entrance to answer it; Even when users encounter problems with other products, they should know where to give feedback. This is a higher requirement, and it can not be solved by highlighting the visual attraction of the entrance. In this case, we also need to consider the unification of signs and the strong identification of signs.

(1) The unity of logo is not only reflected in the same position on each page of Taobao at the entrance, but also reflected in the unity of visual design.

(2) The strong identification of the logo can be enhanced by adding logo, initiator and other elements.

It can be seen that visual design should not only consider how to attract users' eyeballs, but more importantly, transmit information to users. This information is durable.

  4、 Guide copy of questionnaire entrance

We say that the guiding copy of the questionnaire entrance is very important. First, the copy reflects what the questionnaire is used for; Secondly, it reflects the attitude when communicating with users; Finally, the questionnaire with the same purpose needs to reflect the unity of the text.

So, what content does the guide copy have to let users know what the questionnaire is used for?

(1) Let users know what the questionnaire is used for, even if they know what can be filled in the questionnaire, they can use the questionnaire to give feedback on what problems they encounter;

(2) Conduct proper drainage for problems that cannot be solved by the questionnaire. At this point, first of all, the releaser is required to understand what questions users often fill in in the questionnaire that are not to be recycled. Secondly, these important questions that are not to be recycled should be classified into important levels and properly channeled.

The Office live workspace is very good at this point. Let's enjoy it, as shown in the following figure (citing Xiaohe's analysis):

What communication attitudes should be reflected in guiding the copywriting?

(1) Make users feel friendly, and feedback on my problems can be given at this entrance;

(2) Users feel free. I can choose to fill in the questionnaire, which is not mandatory.

The revision of Taobao Electric Appliance City has done a very good job on this point, and the copywriting gives a very cordial feeling.

Why do questionnaires with the same purpose need to be unified?

At present, whether it is the same type of questionnaire survey or different types of questionnaire survey, there are various guiding words on the web page. For example, "Please help us improve! XXX feedback", "Tell me how I feel about using XX", "I have comments or suggestions, say a few words to Taobao", "XX improvement suggestions", etc. If the same user sees these texts, you can imagine how the user will understand these contents?

Why does the uniform purpose questionnaire need the uniform copy? Just as visual design needs to give users a unified visual effect, a unified guide copy can enhance users' awareness of the questionnaire and reduce users' learning costs for the copy appearing in different products. This is very helpful for both the recovery of the questionnaire and the establishment of the sponsor's image.

3、 About User experience Thoughts on questionnaire delivery

The launch of the user experience questionnaire is a long-term launch. It is launched on different pages. We hope to recover the obstacles users encounter when using our products and the new demands they call for our products. At the same time, we hope users can evaluate the satisfaction of our products. Based on these basic conditions, we may consider the following points, on the one hand, to improve the amount of user feedback, on the other hand, to establish an image so that users can give us feedback when they encounter problems in different products.

1. About the location of the questionnaire entrance

The user experience questionnaire is placed on different pages, and the selection of the placement entrance location should be based on the advantages and disadvantages of different locations. Users need to give feedback after using our products, and the entrance needs to be obvious. It is more appropriate to place it on the left and right sides of the page.  

2. Interaction mode of questionnaire entry

The user experience questionnaire is launched for a long time, and the answers to the questionnaire are based on the user's understanding of the product/page. The launch of the questionnaire not only considers the user's first answer, but also needs to consider the user's long-term attention to the questionnaire, so the way that easily interferes with the user's use of the product is not suitable for this purpose. Therefore, the fixed type is the best choice.

3. Visual Design of Questionnaire Entrance

The user experience questionnaire is launched for a long time, and the answers to the questionnaire are based on the user's understanding of the product/page. Therefore, the visual design here cannot be overemphasized, but it can be unified and identifiable.

4. About Guide Copy

Through the page launch, the resource position is often limited, and unified, short and accurate copy is necessary. The reference copy is“ My suggestions or comments on XX ”