Firebug Debugging PHP Closed Label Blank Line Solution

web front end five thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven 13 years ago (2011-08-04)

When we debug the page with Firebug, we find that there is an inexplicable extra blank line between the two lines, which leads to the page display error. The following blank lines appear in Firebug, but they are not found in the source code. How to solve this problem?

In fact, this is caused by the bom of the utf-8 page. Usually, this problem occurs in the UTF-8 encoded page.

UTF-8 BOM is UTF-8 autograph , the full name is Byte Order Mark. The BOM does not work with UFT-8. It just tells the editor what encoding method is used for the current file, so that the editor can identify it. Although the BOM will not be displayed in the editor, it will output a blank line like the one in the above figure.

Now that the cause of the problem has been found, how can we solve it? I believe many people are using UltraEdit. We use UltraEdit to save the code. If we choose the coding method without BOM, empty lines will not occur. As for whether you believe it or not, I believe it anyway.