What if 2012 really comes?

informal essay four thousand seven hundred and eleven 13 years ago (2011-02-23)

If 2012 does come, I may still pursue my own career, writing code in the opened Dreamweaver, debugging CSS styles Photoshop Design my works, draw a beautiful blue sky, describe my wonderful life, and play the victims Journalism In front of the TV, embrace your family and loved ones, and spend a wonderful moment with your family in a warm home.

If 2012 really comes, why don't we all work together to build perfect harmony Sociology What about?
At least the compatriots all over the world can spend that moment peacefully
My compatriots all over the world are indistinguishable life There is no cruel war, no clamor of war, no oppression, and no resistance caused by it.
What Confucius said about the Great Harmony Society and Marx's communism thought, doesn't it just show that people yearn for a better life?

If there is 2012, I will be a happy person. I don't need to work tiredly. I will visit the famous mountains and rivers and do whatever I want. Before everything is obliterated, take an injection of euthanasia, have a good time, die freely, not be hurt or tortured, not let fear attack, and spend the last moment of life with the person you love most. If God can let me make a wish before I die, I want to go back to the ancient times to see the buildings without cement, smell the clean air that is not polluted, and see the mysterious Chinese medicine that can not be explained by science and lost by later generations, then I will die without regret.

If there is 2012, and if the day comes, the thing I want to do most is to fulfill my commitments and fulfill my unfulfilled wishes. If there is such a day, I hope I will not regret my journey and decisions along the way. If there is such a day, even if the beginning is the end, I have no regrets. Because I have been here before, loved, cried, laughed, failed, and wonderful

If that day really comes, I will still do what I should do every day and try my best to do my unfinished wish.

If one day, my greatest wish is that wherever I am at that time, my whole family will be together, whether in heaven or hell.