Love=ten yuan ring+fried rice with eggs

informal essay three thousand six hundred and eighty-two 13 years ago (2011-05-01)

It was a happy day, with only one hundred yuan in their pockets. I suddenly went to his city, empty handed. I said, let's just stay together.

He held me in his arms. Tight.

A friend of his borrowed his savings because of a lawsuit. So he had little money left. We rented a house in a very quiet community. After buying necessities, we opened our wallets and counted them. It was only one hundred yuan.

He said, it doesn't matter. You can borrow some from your friends. It will be fine when the salary is paid. I said, no, the first time, the second time. We must be able to endure any hardship. Only in this way can we stay together forever.

I lay on the bed and began to share the money.

The thirty yuan is for his bus use in the morning. Occasionally, the weather is bad and I take a taxi home. Fifteen days, only fifteen days, he will be paid. The other thirty yuan is for his breakfast. There are thirty yuan left for my dinner with him. The remaining ten yuan is petty cash. Just in case.

He lay on me and called me his wife. He buried his face in my chest and kept silent. I knew he was in pain. In this way, we hugged each other. I hummed a song, and he kept his face buried in my chest. Listen to me humming. He said, I love you so much.

I said, we will always be together.

The first morning, I got up with him, watched him wash his face and brush his teeth, and then took him to work hand in hand. Watch him get on the bus. There were many people on the bus. I saw him crowded with them, and his eyes were full of happiness. We waved, I watched the car go away, and then went home to wash clothes. Clean the room, wipe the floor, kitchenware and door with a clean duster cloth. The wind chimes on the balcony make a very clear sound, ding, ding, when&hellip& hellip; When&hellip& hellip; Dong&hellip& hellip; Dong&hellip& hellip; I looked at it and smiled. That's our happy applause tomorrow.

At noon, he asked me if I had lunch. I said, eat. Actually, I didn't eat it. I want us to spend the month without borrowing money.

I am so stubborn that I put his heartache in the bottom of my heart, that is, I will not allow him to borrow money. So when he came back and put a thousand dollars in my hand, I cried.

I said that I am not a person who is afraid of suffering. However, I want us to insist on doing anything, just like I came to your city and insisted on giving up my parents and work. Leaving friends far away. I came to this strange city just to love you.

I accompanied him and took the bus to his friend's house to return the money.

That night, the sky was beautiful and there were many stars. On the grass, I lay on his legs and counted the stars. I said, how beautiful the sky is, our love How beautiful it is.

Let me recite the words for you. Whose do you like? Well, Qin Guan's Queqiao Immortal. Su Shi's Divine Operator. Unconsciously recited "Jiangchengzi". He bowed his head and kissed me. He said that we would not separate. Therefore, we said that only when the mountains are without edges and the heaven and the earth are united, can we dare to break away from you.

I'm afraid he won't eat breakfast, so I often buy him a good breakfast.

Once, at half past eleven in the night, we all went to sleep and had a dream of many bakeries. When I woke up, I found that I had forgotten to buy him breakfast. Run downstairs in your pajamas. He stopped me and said, why go. Be careful of falling. I said, sorry, I forgot to buy you breakfast.

I saw him crying. At the door, he kissed me carelessly. Kiss me out of breath.

That night, I bought a wife's cake. What a friendly name.

In the evening, it's very interesting. The eggs are two yuan and forty-one jin. I can choose eggs. They are very fresh. The vegetable market was very dirty. I crowded among a group of middle-aged women and picked eggs. I will make a counter-offer. I made dinner and bought some mushrooms. Put it in the boiled water, then beat the egg in and watch it boil. Put a little green onion and chicken essence. Very fragrant. A bowl of soup cost us about eighty cents.

He likes spinach, which is cheap. A handful of money. I can make many kinds of spinach. For example, boiled and steamed.

He eats very well. I looked at him and smiled. Sometimes, they just scramble eggs and rice. This is my unique skill. He often praises me. I learned this from an experienced cook. First, put oil, rice, stir, and a little salt. Then, put it in a big bowl. In a small bowl, beat two or three eggs and stir. Put in MSG, salt, and other spices. After mixing evenly. Then put oil into the pan. Put the eggs in and stir them with chopsticks. Let the eggs spread. Don't make it too old. Then, pour the rice and eggs into the pot and mix them. Let sit in the pan for a few minutes. Then we can wait for him to come back and eat.

We eat in a big bowl. Two spoons, head to head. Laughing. Very happy. A bowl of light mushroom soup, a large bowl of fried rice with eggs. He told me some happy things.

At that time, I didn't go out, I didn't want to spend money.

There is no TV at home, nothing, but I have a lot of things to do, and I want to dry our quilts. I like the smell of the sun when I sleep at night. Like our love, it's warm and smells good. He also likes to smell the sun.

However, he prefers to hold me and smell me. He said that it was the taste of a good wife.

We spent 85 yuan in 15 days. He spent 26 yuan by bus. Breakfast, 30 yuan. I didn't eat Chinese food. Dinner, twenty-nine yuan.

He paid me a salary and took me shopping. He said, "What do you want? Let me buy it for you.". I took him to a small downtown area where I passed every time I bought vegetables. There were many stalls. I pointed to a ring in the small box, and I said I wanted it. That is a ring with only ten yuan.