The difference and relationship between get and post

web front end six thousand two hundred and seventy-one 13 years ago (2011-04-27)

1. Get is from The server Get data on the, and post is to transfer data to the server;

2. Get adds the data in the form of variable=value to the URL pointed to by the action, and the two are connected with "?", while the variables are connected with "&". Post is to put the data in the form into the data body of the form and transfer it to the URL pointed to by the action in the way of corresponding variables and values; fashion jewelry wholesale

Therefore, two other conclusions can be drawn from the above:

1. The amount of data transferred by get is small, and cannot be larger than 2KB. This is mainly due to the limitation of URL length. Post transfers a large amount of data, so you can only use Post to upload files. It is generally defaulted as unrestricted. In theory, however, the maximum size is 80KB in IIS4 and 100KB in IIS5;

2. Get security is very low (because users can see it through URL), and post security is high (all its operations are invisible to users). But the execution efficiency is better than the post method;

3. Get restricts the value of the form's data set to be ASCII characters; Post supports the entire ISO10646 character set; cleaning cloth

4. Get is the default method of Form;

5. The data submitted in the Get mode is requested on the server side QueryString(), and request Form();


1. If it contains confidential information, post data submission is recommended;

2. When querying data, it is recommended to use the Get method; When adding, modifying or deleting data, it is recommended to use Post mode;