Solution for LAN unable to access local IIS website

web front end seventeen thousand and fifty-eight 13 years ago (2011-03-26)
  1. Right click Default Web Site - Properties in IIS, and set the IP address to the local IP address in the Web Site tab. The default port is 80.

    2. Then on the local machine browser Enter the local IP: port number/site directory/in to check whether the website can be accessed.

    3. After the local machine can be accessed, check whether other machines in the LAN can access it. If not, check the firewall settings.

    4. Enter the control panel, Windows XP users should switch to the classic mode, run Windows Firewall in the right window, check the local connection in the network connection settings in the advanced tab, click the settings button on the right, and then check Web in the service tab The server (HTTP), the LAN can access the local IIS website; Windows7 /8/10 Users can click "Allow applications or functions to pass through Windows Firewall" in the left menu of Windows Firewall in the control panel, check "World Wide Web Service (HTTP)", and then confirm.

    TIPS: If the above method is invalid, please check whether the port of your local test website is 80. For ports other than 80, please enable this rule on the right side of "Windows Firewall" - "Advanced Settings" - "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" - "Inbound Rules" - "BranchCache Content Retrieval (HTTP ln)" and create a new rule:

    1. Create a "Port" rule type. Next.

    2. Apply to the "specific local port" of "TCP", enter the port number of your test website, and then go to the next step.

    3. Select "Allow connection" to go to the next step.

    4. Select all items (domain/private/public) to go to the next step.

    5. Fill in the user-defined name and finish.