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Topic name: Li Yang's blog mxlee Zblog theme
Subject Author: Li Yang blog
Applicable version: z-blogphp 1.5.2+
Date of issue: September 28, 2017

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 1

This theme has been produced for a long time and lasted for more than a month. I had to give up the theme several times, but I still didn't give up. As for the reason, I felt more and more like the theme of Robin. At first, I planned to make a theme for my own use, adding all the elements I like, but after finishing, I found that the theme was really good, concise and beautiful, So we decided to release it.

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Update log:

V 5.11.6(22/09/19)

--Simplify the code and re adapt to the functions of Kefeng user center purchase.

--Fix the bug that the download function of the theme has opened in a page.

--Optimize purchase query attachment JS code.

--Optimize the top search function, automatically locate the input tag.

--Fixed the problem that some functions of 404 page did not update the details.

--Other code optimization and code adaptation of night function.

V 5.11.5(22/08/26)

--Fix invalid bug on top of category name switch.

--Optimize the logical relation code of the priority display of the head image in the comment area.

--Optimize the traditional Chinese conversion function, and open it in the function settings.

--Repair and optimize other problems from netizens' feedback.

V 5.11.4(22/08/03)

--Fix traditional conversion code.

--Fix malformed bug in article page recommendation section.

--Optimize the page login background color.

--Optimize comment area avatar code.

--The display time of the article can be customized and can be set in three forms: topic setting, article setting, and friendly display time by default.

 The second topic of "lexblog"

V 5.11.3(22/07/11)

--Optimization topic running state and performance tuning.

--Optimize the first page to screen the code of the article belonging to the specified category.

--Fixed the problem that some tables in the article page have no style.

--Optimize the code of Chinese characters and English characters in the article page.

--Optimize the code and style of mobile top search box.

--New background login interface optimization, function settings, login interface open.

V 5.11.2(22/06/15)

--Optimize the og standardized tag of theme page template.

--Fix the index of article contents, add the sidebar and highlight it with H tag.

--Optimize the detail style of theme template page.

--Optimize the Aosen icon code, ban the Aosen CDN link, and adopt the local link scheme.

--Optimize the comment area to display the IP home function, replace“ IP home ”Plug in.

V 5.11.1(22/05/23)

--Fixed a problem with the comment module where the comment box would disappear in some cases.

--Comment function and response style optimization.

--Optimize the image light box back-end PHP code.

--Repair several small bugs from netizens' feedback.

--Optimize the article page outside the chain encryption function.

--Add comment area to display IP territory.

PS: IP display home needs to be installed and turned on“ Physical IP address ”Plug in.

V 5.11(22/05/05)

--Optimize the problem that there are no fields in the comment box.

--Rewrite the message comment page code.

--Optimize the image light box CSS code and back-end PHP code.

--The CSS style sheet code of theme template is optimized according to W3C specification. After optimization, it meets the requirements of W3C

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 3

V 5.10.9(22/04/10)

--Repair and open instant Invalid problem after page interface.

--After CMS module is opened, there is no problem with the spacing of ads.

--Optimize the problems of automatic compilation after the comments in sidebar are successful, deleted and approved.  

--Fix bug feedback from netizens.

--Adapt to the mobile terminal adaptive display effect.

--Compatible with SEO plug-ins, classified SEO optimization Setting: to enable the SEO plug-in, you need to close the SEO interface provided by the theme.

V 5.10.8(22/04/02)

--Optimize instant Page interface, interested students can refer to the introduction of the article published by this site.

--Optimize the og rich media label, modify the article publishing time and the last editing time.

--Fixed the issue that the comment nickname could not be saved, and automatically saved the comment nickname and email address after the update.

--Optimize comment JS function code.

V 5.10.7(22/03/10)

--Optimize night mode code.

--New logo sweeping effect, background theme settings, on or off.

--Optimize the adaptive display effect.  

--Optimize the background theme setting style, save button floating display, no longer need to scroll to the bottom to save.  

--Optimization of page style details.

V 5.10.6(22/02/09)

--The misplaced side bar of the home page leads to the optimization of the side bar.

--Optimize the problem of article thumbnail being stretched.

--Fixed the style details of the rotation article list at the bottom of the home page.

--Fix part of the page style code.

--Optimize the sidebar comment style code.

--Fixed the problem of page stretching caused by the bottom module of mobile home page.

V 5.10.5(22/01/26)

--Fix bug that cannot be viewed in category page when there are too many secondary menus in navigation bar.

--Repair several details of netizens' feedback.

V 5.10.4( 22/01/24 ):

--Integrate some functions of theme setting.

--Optimize the background authorization interface code of the theme template to solve the problem of unable to return data caused by non mainland hosts.

--Optimize the website graying function, no need to reduce 1 month, input time and date directly.

--Search page results pseudo static function, function switch - Search page pseudo static, on.

--Optimize the following effect of the right sidebar when editing the article, and cancel the official follow code.

--Optimize the background article interface part ID and system interface duplication, resulting in some functions can not be used.

--Fixed some single page can not use the picture light box bug.


--Fix the bug that wechat QR code at the bottom of the webpage cannot be loaded.


--The framework structure of the background part of the theme is rewritten.

--Separate the main program and sidebar and other parts of the module program code.

--Optimize the background theme interface. Rewrite part of the label module.

--Add grey code of the whole station.

--Optimize the sidebar and part of the page template program code.

--Optimize the sidebar site statistics quantity information code.

--Optimize the article page, appreciate the source code and background interface.

--Optimize article list thumbnails to be stretched.

--There are too many problems in the repair and optimization. I can't remember clearly. Before updating, please remember to backup the logo and other information. Only the interface mode has been changed. The default address is as follows: it is better to save these locally, and then upload after updating.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 4

--And other details of the optimization is not written out one by one.


--Optimize the article page picture light box code and style.

--Add page meta rich media tag code, in theory, it can increase the probability of searching out the map.

--Several user experience optimization problems.

--Global style code optimization is compatible with adaptive code.


--Optimized friendly display time code, more concise and effective.

--Optimize the sidebar message avatar code.

--Optimize the message wall single page PHP call code.

--Optimize message avatar code, give priority to display QQ mailbox.

--Optimize and simplify part of PHP code, compatible with php8.0.


--New website night mode code, if there is CDN, you need to clear the cache first.

--Optimize the CMS module detail style code at the bottom of the website.


--Optimize the problem of mobile page module dislocation.

--Optimize the mobile style code of article summary.

--Fixed duplicate class name of secondary menu on mobile terminal.

--Global part details and style code optimization.


--Optimize article thumbnail solution, update call code.

--Add theme configuration quick save function (Ctrl + s).

--Add background authorization verification interface and authorization code.

--Version 1.7 and optimization.

--Optimize the background color of article page title.

--Optimize the closing UE editor theme settings upload picture button invalid problem.

2021 / 03 / 25 update log:

--Optimize and integrate the style of the author information column on the right side, add background map and theme background settings.

--Optimize the distance between PC and mobile terminal module, and repair some misplaced bugs automatically loaded under the screen.

--Simplify and delete useless CSS code, optimize the details of product list template.

--Optimize the background authorization verification code.

--Repair product article template share Interface error.

Updated on February 3, 2021:

--Optimize the sharing interface code and add the key interface to display the microblog classification source. Theme settings - appearance settings - article one click sharing.

Updated on December 14, 2020:

--New year's Day festival skin interface is added, theme setting is enabled, and the default image path is "/ ZB UU users / theme / mxlee / style / images / yuanda2021. JPG", with color code“ #fec4d0 ”。 Turn on the function.

--In order to unify the night color of the whole page, we have tried to use the default image. It is recommended to modify the background color of the top navigation bar, theme configuration, custom CSS, and add the following code:

 body.chunjie_ bg #top-header {background-color:#ffdde5;}

Updated on January 11, 2021:

--Optimize and separate the festival background and snow effect switch, independent control.

--Optimize the article picture light box PHP code.

Updated on November 24, 2020:

--Optimize the remote API interface and modify the local verification code.

Updated on November 11, 2020:

--Optimize part of the function code.

--Optimize adaptive display code.

Updated on October 19, 2020:

--Optimization editor part of the code can not be displayed.

Updated on October 1, 2020:

--Optimize PHP code.

Updated on September 19, 2020:

--Streamline PHP code.

Updated on September 7, 2020:

5. Fixed a problem where the thumbnails were not displayed under the snapshot.

Updated on September 4, 2020:

5. Optimize the image delay display code, fix the image delay display repeated loading problem.

Updated on August 27, 2020:

5. Optimize the new user to enable the topic configuration content is empty bug.

5. Optimize php5.6 compatibility.

Updated on August 21, 2020:

5. Optimize php5.6 version compatibility.

5. Something moves adaptive code.

Updated on August 12, 2020:

5. Optimize the SEO specification, delete some page keywords and descriptions of repeated display.

5. Optimize the core code file.

Updated on July 22, 2020:

5. Optimize the adaptation of "link module management" plug-in and navigation highlight code.

Updated on July 13, 2020:

5. Friendly prompt when no results are found on the optimization search page.

Updated on July 1, 2020:

5. Fix the confusion caused by too many tags. Thank you for your feedback!

Updated on June 09, 2020:

5. Optimizing search for special characters causes page errors.

5. Optimize the sidebar cache scheme, optimize the PHP code.

PS: after the theme is updated, click module management, delete the module (all) of the theme plug-in, and then click enable theme again (generate new module). Finally, the background home page "empty cache and compile template", and then the foreground can be forced to refresh.

Updated on May 26, 2020:

5. Optimize the article list thumbnail PHP code.

Updated on May 16, 2020:

5. Optimize the search page template.

Updated on May 11, 2020:

5. Optimize comments JS code to optimize Ajax preloading.

5. Because Baidu When the sharing code fails, the topic is integrated with JS sharing code (QQ, wechat and microblog).

5. Optimization of mobile adaptive article recommendation image stretching problem.

5. There is no code sharing problem on the mobile end of the optimized article page.

5. Code standardization, re streamlining.

5. Optimize a problem that is not compatible with other editors (thanks for your feedback).

Updated on April 22, 2020:

5. Optimize the calling scheme of PHP logic code.

Updated on March 31, 2020:

5. It is suitable for zbp1.6.

5. Simplify JS code.

Updated on March 25, 2020:

5. Optimize the top navigation inner spacing to keep consistent with the main body.

Updated on March 10, 2020:

5. Optimization search page article describes PHP code.

5. Add information module interface at the bottom of commodity classification template, theme setting - appearance setting.

5. Optimize the style of article number.

Updated on February 19, 2020:

5. Optimize the way to call the reader's wall portrait.

5. Modify the calling mode of some interfaces.

5. It adapts to the display mode of super member comments in user center.

Updated on January 7, 2020:

5. New spring festival skin, background function settings.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 5

5. New page progress detection, navigation top bar scroll loading. It adapts to the display effect of mobile terminal.

Updated on December 31, 2019:

5. Fixed navigation bar jitter in some cases.

Updated on December 25, 2019:

5. Optimize the display effect of classification mobile terminal, increase the classification and time. After updating, please clear the local cache or press Ctrl + F5 to force refresh.

Update 12 / 2019:

5. Fix the homepage carousel 360 browser to click the bug without jump once.

5. Optimize the JS and CSS code, update the theme , you need to go to the background home page and click "[empty cache and recompile template]", and then open the theme settings and carousel settings. Click Modify on the right side to generate a new rotation framework, and then the home page can be forced to refresh.

5. Optimize the sidebar label style template.

Updated on November 4, 2019:

5. Fix the wrong bug in the sidebar search.  

Updated on October 14, 2019:

5. Fix the bug that the title of the latest article on the front page calls the interface error.  

Updated on October 12, 2019:

5. Add tag aggregation template, setting method: page management, create a new page (title, content, alias and other information self-made), then select tags on the right template, and submit at the bottom. Then check the effect. If it is confused, remember to force refresh with Ctrl + F5.  

Demo website:

5. The latest articles on CMS home page support page turning function and add article top function.

Updated on October 3, 2019:

5. Remove National Day skin.

Updated on September 30, 2019:

5. New national day skin.

Update 09 / 26 / 2019:

5. The sidebar tab switch is changed from three columns to two columns, and the original random display of popular comments is replaced.

5. Article recommendation, messages, hot tags, etc. do not use cache, background settings completed directly effective.

5. Popular comments (text display, default call 4 articles) and hot article days use the same interface.

5. Optimize PHP part of the logic code.

Updated on September 17, 2019:

5. Fixed SEO title page page number duplicate bug.

Updated in 2019 / 08:

It is important to note that non genuine and unauthorized users should not update, otherwise the background cannot be used.


5. Repair of waterfall flow formwork( waterfall.php )Mobile end dislocation bug.

5. Add the function of custom top background map of product page template. Setting method: Background - theme setting - function setting - fill in the address of custom picture Examples /zb_ users/theme/mxlee/include/cateimg/ ”Finally, click on the right“ open ”That's fine. (if there is no CDN resource, fill in the sample address directly.)

Some people may ask, why does the image address have no suffix?

Yes, because I was told that I didn't want to use the first article classified As the background, the image is not good-looking, so this time it is modified into a custom background. However, the background image is generally large. If the background is loaded locally, the image loading cache problem will occur when the "water flow" is very small. Therefore, the CDN interface form is adopted here.

For example, if you create a new image folder in cloud storage (qiniu, Alibaba, Tencent, etc.), and then upload pictures, the naming rule is "1. JPG", which is fixed. You can set up up up to five pictures, and the classification is: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg, 5.jpg, and then upload the image to the cloud storage. Finally, copy the link and remove the following 1.png.

I don't know if you understand it. The photo address of the front desk is:“ /zb_ users/theme/mxlee/include/cateimg/1.jpg ”However, it should be noted that there are no fields, spaces or symbols in the interface.

5. Because the Ministry of industry and information technology links were replaced, the filing interface was revised and the Ministry of public security was added.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 6

Record related code:

Ministry of industry and information technology:

 <a class="beian-ico" href=" " rel="nofollow" target="_ Blank "title:" jingicp Bei 11000001 "> < img SRC =" / ZB_ Users / theme / mxlee / style / images / ICP. PNG "ALT = jingicp Bei 11000001" > Jing ICP Bei 11000001</a>

Ministry of Public Security:

 <a class="beian-ico" target="_blank" href=" "Title:" Jinggong Anbei no.1100000000001 "> < img SRC =" / ZB_ Users / theme / mxlee / style / images / Beian. PNG "ALT =" Jinggong Anbei 1100000000000 1 "> Jinggong Anbei 1100000000000 1</a>

The code only needs to change the corresponding record editing.

--, updated the product page template.

--、 Update the product list, product details page demo address interface (need to turn on the custom thumbnail switch, do not display if the background has not set the demo address, nofollow tag, link encryption).

Setting method:

Classification management - find the category you want to set, edit it on the right, select the template separately“ cataimg ”, article template selection“ itheme ”。 preservation

 The theme of "lexblog 7"

--、 Adapt to the application center "Baidu included query" plug-in, search ID: "Baidu? Recond" can be installed and enabled;

--, optimize the structure and style of the article archive, set the method, page management - create a new page (there is no need to set it) - select "sitemap" for the template on the right, write the content at will, set the alias (any English character, such as "archive") and submit it, and then the setting is completed.

--The right side returns to the top, adding the bottom removal function.

--Modify and optimize the data of the side bar of the website, and change the cache mode of the side bar comment generation to (audit success and delete the comment). If you find that the comments in the sidebar are not updated in time, please click the comments to join the review, and then you can update after passing the review or deleting a spam comment arbitrarily. There are bugs in the original mode, so modify the cache mechanism. The article is still the original, edit the article, submit or delete an article to generate a new cache.


It is important to note that non genuine and unauthorized users should not update, otherwise the background cannot be used.

Previous records:

--Optimize the comment function and style, increase the floor display, use small head image display for stack comments, and optimize the adaptive display effect.

--Fix the overlap bug of the guide frame of the mobile terminal.

--Repair the horizontal dislocation bug of waterfall flow formwork.

--, fix Baidu snapshot partially blocked bug.

--Optimize the automatic following effect of navigation bar.

--Fix the bug displayed in the mobile terminal page turning disorder.

--Optimize CSS style sheet and simplify code.

--There is no mobile comment box for bug.

--, update the search page sidebar article and call bug without data.

--Repair the link of public CDN static resource library.

--, PHP code simplification, optimization and reorganization, delete sidebar duplicate module.

--The reader wall is repeated with the latest message code. Delete the reader wall module and add a separate page of the reader wall. The settings are as follows:

Sidebar menu, page management - create a new page, the title and body content are optional. Select "readers" on the right template, then set the alias, submit, refresh the cache of the background home page, and view the page.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 8

--After modification, the self-contained module of the theme is: Graphic / tab switching (hot / recommended / hot comment) / appreciation

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 9

The rest have been deleted or replaced with the blog's own style (you need to modify it manually, drag it directly to the sidebar).

If your theme is updated, only the modules as shown in the figure are retained, and others need to be deleted, otherwise the content will not be displayed.

Cache usage:

--, the contents of the sidebar cache include: Article recommendation, hot comments, recently published, popular articles, hot tags and random pictures and texts. You need to edit any article, and you can directly submit it to update the cached TXT file (a new TXT file will be generated every time a new (modified) article is created).

--, the comments in the sidebar need to be approved successfully or the comments can be deleted to generate a new cache TXT file.

--It is suggested that no more than 4 selected guide style sheets should be revised. Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 10

--Fix the bug that the mobile terminal of the three-level menu cannot click.

--Modify the shortcut key to reply to the bug with JS error prompt.

--What else I forget, just update it (if you have modified the source code, you will update it, otherwise the modified one will be replaced)

--, delete the logo sweeping effect (CPU of some machines is too high temporarily, if you like, you can find me to set custom CSS style, the code is below)

 @media screen and (min-width:900px){ #logo:before{content:"";position:absolute;left:-665px;top:-460px;width:250px;height:15px;background-color:rgba(255,255,255,.5);-webkit-transform:rotate(-45deg);-moz-transform:rotate(-45deg);-ms-transform:rotate(-45deg);-o-transform:rotate(-45deg);transform:rotate(-45deg) ;- webkit-animation:searchLights 1s ease-in 1s infinite;- o-animation:searchLights 1s ease-in 1s infinite; animation:searchLights 1s ease-in 1s infinite} } @-webkit-keyframes searchLights{0%{left:-100px;top:0}to{left:120px;top:100px}} @-o-keyframes searchLights{0%{left:-100px;top:0}to{left:120px;top:100px}} @-moz-keyframes searchLights{0%{left:-100px;top:0}to{left:120px;top:100px}} @keyframes searchLights{0%{left:-100px;top:0}to{left:120px;top:100px}}

Copy the above code directly, then log in to the background, set the appearance, customize CSS, paste, and then turn on the right switch, save it. When you return to the foreground, you can see the special effect of sweeping. If there is no effect, Ctrl + F5 (forced refresh) is OK.

--Add custom hyperlinks on the home page and the category template page (there is a switch in the background, which needs to be turned on or off if not required)

--Compatible plug-in and head image display( YtUser、LayCenter、tt_ touxiang

--. fix the bug that the mobile terminal rewards the two-dimensional code dislocation.

--, other JS optimizations (we will consider using CDN public library later)

Hypertext link code:

 Title Title Title 2

--. fix the bug that the search page can't be accessed (part of the search plug-in has been used, which has been solved, and the topic has been integrated with the search terms highlighted, so you can uninstall the search plug-in)

--Repair article praises bug with wrong QR code path (seriously, at least I didn't encounter it, but you think there is a mistake, so change it)

--. the newly added article like plug-in is compatible, and the specific effect is shown in the figure below:

Open the liking plug-in as shown in the figure (plug in ID: San ﹣ practice ﹣ SDK, name: new article like development version)

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 11

Open responsibility display: (article appreciation needs to be opened in the background)

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 12

If the plug-in takes effect, it doesn't look good.

--Add the function of keyword highlighting in search page (what you want, this time meet you)

--Fix bugs that are not displayed in the bottom category when there are too many categories

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 13

--. fix the occasionally repeated bug when the tab tab is switched.

--Optimize the tab tag recommendation column to customize the article ID function. (as shown in the figure, fill in the article ID directly)

--, optimize the style of the toolbar on the right and return to the top.

--Fix the bug that the CMS module is empty and still displays the border.

--Modify CMS, in some cases, there are misplaced bugs.

In view of the fact that many people do not know how to set the backstage of the website, each module is not clear, so take time to mark each module according to the theme.

About the right side project introduction module settings course

First find the left menu, module management, and click new module

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 14

Set name (customizable) file name and ID divproject It cannot be changed. The setting is as shown in the figure:

 The theme of "lexblog 15"

Select "UL" as the type, and the content of the text is as follows (some names and links can be modified by yourself)

 Website construction Provide brand official website solution contact us template making imitation station / effect drawing transfer template contact us CSS layout adjustment modify web typesetting layout contact us other problems solve problems encountered in website construction contact us to customize development process business consultation submit demand start implementation confirm after sales service contact us

PS: you can only modify the text and links, other formats do not move, or there may be confusion.


Do not set the classification template, all categories are home page templates, you must modify the classification template

After purchasing a topic, first go to classification management and set the list page template, as shown in the figure.

Two forms, one is the default picture + article form, general;

The other is the image waterfall flow type, which is suitable for the classification of image types.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 16

Secondly, this is the schematic diagram of each template, just refer to it. There is no need to manage the unmarked.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 17

There are also the modules corresponding to the foreground display of the basic theme settings:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 18

Finally, the corresponding module of appearance setting:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 19

Secondary menu writing method:

 <li class="menu-item-has-children"> < a ﹣ A-level menu</a>     <ul class="sub-menu dropdown-menu"> < li > < a</a></li> < li > < a</a></li>     </ul> </li>

--Repair the sidebar blogger introduction module; The specific amendments are as follows:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 20

After the update, it may be shown as shown in the figure above. You need to set the theme and appearance settings in the background, Introduction of blogger in the sidebar, fill in administrator ID: (example: 1)

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 21

If you are not sure, you can click the menu on the left, user management: Fill in ID directly that will do

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 22

Why do you want to set it? Because some netizens feedback that the information of other authors will be displayed after other users publish articles on the website. Therefore, this time, the user-defined administrator will not cause the above problems.

--Optimize article page author Contribution Function, background Customization: ("good article hope We Help share and extension And poke it here I want to contribute ”) Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 23

--. Add "comment user agent 1.3" plug-in compatibility, display reviewer computer information and browser information.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 24

You can open the "user agent" plug-in, and the others do not need to be modified.

--. In the bug sidebar, the default setting is to restore the theme to the original one, and then update it in the theme management module

 Appreciation of Su Shi and huichong's two poems of late spring river scenery: Peach Blossom outside bamboo and duck prophet in spring river. Artemisia selengensis and reed buds are short, which is when puffer fish want to go up. When two or two return to Hong Kong, they want to break the group, but they still seem to be returning from the north. Far away, it is windy and snowy in the Shuo desert, and it is waiting for a half moon spring in the south of the Yangtze River.

--. fix known bug in search page.

--. fix the abnormal display of mobile terminal caused by the width and height of custom image.

PS: After fixing the bug that the width and height of the picture could not be customized last time, some netizens' pictures appeared uneven. You can customize CSS in the background and fill in the following code:

 a.fancybox img {width: auto!important;height: auto!important;}

That's it.

--New bottom CMS module, two display modes:

--. Cancel the following on the right side of the article page and use the global intelligent follow. The original sidebar follow interface is cancelled. If you need to follow the advertisement, you should manage the module, create a new module, fill in the code and drag it to the module 2, 3 and 4 on the right side.

--Optimize the adaptive display effect.

--. fix some known bugs.

--. simplify JS file and CSS style sheet code.

--. Optimize the intelligent following of the sidebar. When the page drops down, it will automatically follow the left article list, without manual alignment.

--A custom interface icon can be added at the bottom of the website.

--. fix bug without title introduced by author.

--. optimize the display effect of friendship links, and optimize the adaptive effect.

--. fix error alerts when editing articles.

--. modify the thumbnail clipping scheme.

--. Fix the invalid bug of "author sentence appreciation".

--. fixed the function of displaying thumbnails with random pictures and texts preferentially.

--. Fixed bug with no comment button on the right side of the article page.

--. optimize the total amount of website browsing PHP code.

There are many contents in this update. If you want to upgrade, you must see it, otherwise you will make mistakes. If you grasp the point, you'd better back up the theme first and then update it.

--. After the home page is updated, the reading guide module of the home page will be added to ban the original top setting function (only the home page will be cancelled), and whether to turn on or not in the background will be set.

--. Newly added random graphics and text recommendation, and the original tab in the sidebar was randomly replaced with the hot quarterly one. The specific modifications are as follows:

The number of pictures and texts in the sidebar refers to the number of random display calls

****************Remember to set the "number of pictures and texts in the sidebar" after updating the theme, otherwise the website will not open normally. ****************

**************** If you have finished setting the "image and text" side bar, you can't open the "normal" page. ****************

**************** Remember to set the "number of pictures and texts in the sidebar" after updating the theme, otherwise the website will not open normally. ****************

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 25

The random articles in the original tab sidebar have been replaced with hot quarterly articles“ Sidebar hot days ”Fill in the numbers, thirty It's the hottest day of the month, ninety Days are the hot season.

--. At the bottom of the original article, the author's introduction has been changed into a good sentence appreciation: (only the author's introduction text has been modified, others have not been changed)

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 26

Of course, if you don't want to refresh the image, you can display it randomly

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 27

The specific contents are in /zb_ users/theme/mxlee/include/hitokoto/hitokoto.txt ”You can put one sentence you want to show here. A word, a line. The original microblog address is migrated to the“ Basic settings ”Inside.

--、 After Baidu share is opened, if it cannot be displayed normally, Please confirm your website first Is HTTPS enabled , if enabled, please Refer to this tutorial setup Baidu shares picture and text tutorial supporting HTTPS

--. Optimize customer service on the right side and return to the top. New post page display comment function, as shown in the figure: (only displayed in the article page, not in other pages)

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 28

--.   Thoroughly solve the problem of CPU soaring when opening web pages , turn off input effects.

In fact, the reason for the CPU surge was JS conflict. At that time, in order to save space, JS was put together, so it led to this. The solution was to separate JS. Specifically, I didn't clear it. Zhang Ge blog used input special effects, and the CPU occupancy rate was about 40-50%. I'm still the same after the separation. Maybe there's something wrong with the code of special effects, so I mind, You can turn off the input effect, as shown in the figure below: (my computer is still running other programs, they are all turned off, and only open the web page, it will be about 20.)

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 29

--. optimize the code of the home page call, integrate it into the topic, and directly call the total number of calls.

--Other aspects are streamlining and optimizing CSS and JS. Now the overall effect is very good.

--. fix bug of not getting custom image for articles related to custom thumbnail

--. optimize the display effect of waterfall flow template.

--. add the function of inserting advertisement into articles (each article can insert one advertisement at will)

--Background registration website (new member settings, top)

--. optimize the tab switch mode in the sidebar, click switch to mouse slide.

--. optimize the overall style and repair the compatibility below IE8.

--. optimize comments and reply to unresponsive bugs

--. Optimize the unlimited drop-down effect of the list page, integrate the two footers at the same time, and do not load by default. If necessary, click the right side to load more, or directly click the footers. Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 30

--Due to the conflict between UBB expression and some current functions, UBB is temporarily cancelled and this function is added after solving the problem;

--. optimize comment CSS style.

PS: insert ads in the article as shown in the figure. Fill in the ads on the PC and mobile terminals respectively, and then fill in the paragraphs below to display the ads. for example,

I need the advertisement to be displayed in the second paragraph of the article, so fill in the number "2". Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 31

--Modify the bug with wrong classification in the horizontal rotation of CMS home page;

--. add QQ function of customer service on the right side; (with switch)

--Fixed the problem of user-defined thumbnail;

--Modify the PHP code loop of slide;

--User defined home page: the last column of the blog's introduction:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 32

Note: after the update, the icon may not be displayed, because there is no data of this content in the background, such as picture modification, topic setting, basic setting, and scrollbar pulling to the bottom, you can see the subscription settings. This custom fills in the font icon and connection. For example, before the default is "Subscribe button", you can directly fill in the corresponding icon connection.

As shown in the figure after updating:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 33

As shown in the figure after modification: Fill in "Fa users" website in the icon column: feed.php

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 34

For the font icon, there is a tutorial on the blog, which you can refer to: Orson icon portal

--. new mobile link;

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 35

--Optimize the advertising display scheme;

--. The overall mode of classified front page advertisement is changed to advertisement at the bottom of slide, and new classified page advertisement display is added; (if it is left blank, it will not be displayed. For example, if the mobile phone version needs advertising, if the PC version does not need it, open the advertisement, set the mobile advertisement, and leave the PC content blank.)

--. add custom column name of sidebar advertisement;

--. add Baidu bear's paw function and open it with one button in the background;

--Optimize the navigation display effect of moving crumbs;

--Baidu bear's paw attention button is added to the article page.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 36

PS: no bear's paw stationmaster You can turn this off. If the bear's paw ID is incorrect, the follow button will not be displayed on the article page;

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 37

The bear's paw is only shown on Baidu mobile.

--. fix the overlapped bug in the secondary menu of mobile phone navigation;

--. fix the error bug of mobile phone advertising space

--. new Baidu alliance ads JS Code, fill in JS directly.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) Page 38

Note: Here you can not only put the advertising code, this interface is for the webpage head to add the interface, put between the web pages.

--Optimize the advertising display effect of the alliance;


--Add the horizontal rotation switch of home page;

--. add category page and article page custom SEO switch (add category page title SEO)

--. JS error in optimizing some pages;

--. re optimized the SEO settings of the website, so there is no need to use other SEO plug-ins.


--. modify the bug with wrong microblog address at the bottom of the website;

--. add blog layout style (background - theme setting - appearance setting - CMS layout off)

--Modify the function and style of blog layout;

Front page preview:

 The theme of the blog

List page Demo:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 40

Article page presentation:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 41

Subject description:

CMS layout is adopted in the home page, and pictures are shown in rotation under the list page and sidebar. The theme does not need domain name authorization, and JS + CSS is not encrypted. It can be redeveloped after purchase (problems such as wrong version of website caused by secondary development and unable to open are not within the scope of after-sales service, and technical support can be provided with compensation!)

Sidebar call order:

Home page( Default sidebar ), category page( Sidebar 2 ), article( Sidebar 3 ); Page search( Sidebar 4

Drop down menu code:

 Primary menu secondary menu secondary menu

Function introduction:

--. Add Tab switch in sidebar (background module)

--. CMS module (including horizontal Carousel) background theme settings, modify the corresponding display list.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 42

--. responsive theme, adaptive browser size, supporting PC, tablet and mobile phone clients;

--. the theme comes with wechat QR code;

--. with theme configuration, configuration / slide / CMS module display, etc.

--. the theme comes with one key switch between simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

--. self provided 404 template page (no need to set)

Special instructions: The number of popular tags is used to align the left module of the home page with the right sidebar, because there is horizontal rotation at the bottom. If there is too much content on the left, you can set the number of tags displayed until both sides are aligned. No beauty, if you can't align, you can contact me.

The list page adopts an independent template, which can be set by itself:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 43

catalog (list page template)

links (link page template)

waterfall (waterfall flow template with wireless pull-down function)

Other templates do not need to be set.

Customizable CSS:

In the process of using themes, we may not like some of them. We need to modify them simply. However, if the CSS is modified, the next update will still be covered. This is embarrassing. Therefore, this theme adds a custom CSS interface in the background. If there is a modification, you can open it directly and modify the CSS. You can update the theme in time without worrying about being covered.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 44

Modify it according to your own needs.

Advertising settings:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 45

Automatically set up Web page PC terminal and mobile terminal to display different advertisements.

All advertisements have light on settings, so you don't need to turn them on, Right following Set it in the advertisement.

Switch function:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 46

Scrolling effects, input effects, picture zooming and other related functions can be customized.

Other functions:

--. slide background settings, can directly upload pictures, no need to manually fill in the image address;

--. Optimize SEO, suitable for Baidu, 360 and other major search engines (background can add their own active push code)

--Please check out our website for more wonderful features.

Update description

10 / 18 update:

--. optimize reviewer connection encryption and destroy all external chains.

--. new category page custom SEO

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 47

Here again, if the summary has already set the description, the user-defined will be given priority. If the user-defined keyword and description are empty, the default will be displayed (don't ask me what is the default, I don't know)

--. add the home switch to turn off the light:

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 48

--. fix the Edit button of the individual page, you can edit the independent page directly, not jump to the article page ID.

--. optimize mobile display effect of mobile phone (fix the page bottom dislocation caused by last update)

--. optimize the display effect of members on the right.

October 13 update note (major update)

--. update the function of article directory tree and open it by user in the background;

--. compatible with blue leaf download Plug-in display effect;

--. update the visual scrolling effect (the first screen is displayed directly, and then the content is loaded with the scroll bar);

--. optimize and get the article code immediately;

--. add top post function on the home page;

Updated on October 10:

--. If you want to modify the theme, you can not modify it by clicking on the template, or you can modify the poem directly

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 49

--. The author information introduction module is integrated to display the author introduction only on the home page and list page. Theme settings - function settings - open the author information, and then modify your own site creation time, browsing times automatically call the website browsing times. The author introduces in the theme settings - appearance settings - their own modification, recommended about 60 words, more than do not display.

 Li Yang's personal blog "mxlee" zblog theme - dreamer (recommended products) page 50


Copyright notice: unless otherwise specified Li Yang's personal blog Original article, reprint or copy, please in the form of hyperlinks and indicate the source.


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It can be seen that Lao Li lost his hair for this course!!! Service industry is really difficult! This is the most detailed introduction I have seen!
Indeed, the theme is powerful. The price is also very conscience
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@cjwlove Thank you for your good comments!
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How to turn off or customize the category template settings?
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@XYG What custom icon, right customer QQ feedback!
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Why do I use the plug-in I bought from you on zblog
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Then I read that the forum said to log in to the application center
So I logged into the app store
Then the website didn't respond.
In order to prevent piracy, I have to log on to the forum.
The question is, the theme I bought from you is not from the government. Is it piracy?
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@heitian Those purchased offline cannot be upgraded directly in the background. I need to be verified~
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It's powerful. It's worth the money
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@1231 Thank you for your support!
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In fact, I would like to suggest that the above article can be updated according to the date? Your theme should be updated several times in April, but I can't see what was updated every time in April... In the April update, you only have one sentence. Can you write like this:
March 1: update xxxxxx
Update XXXXXX on April 1
Updated on April 10
Update xxxxx on April 30
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Very good-looking
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@Pure image thank you!
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2019-03-25 From Shanghai reply
The latest site plans to use Z-blog program to build, turned over the Application Center for a few days, the theme of blogger is very good.
Would you like to know whether the theme supports MIP? There is also the article list style, which has a thumbnail by default. What about the mixed arrangement of text and text (in the case of large data or collection, some articles have pictures, and some articles have no pictures)? How will it be displayed?
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2019-03-25 From Shanghai reply
@sandy This topic does not support MIP, but there is a special MIP theme. You can search for "luxury theme" in the application center. If there is no picture in the article, a random one will be displayed. If you don't want to show the picture, you can turn on the no picture mode, and the thumbnail of the article list can be customized.

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