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 Laser cutting machine

Features of Suzhou laser machine (Yiqiang laser machine)

Features of Suzhou laser machine (Yiqiang laser machine)


Laser cutting machine Product features (Suzhou Yiqiang laser machine):
(1) Laser engraving, fast cutting speed, small deformation and high precision.
(2) The key components are purchased internationally and components are selected to ensure high quality.
For example, the imported HIWIN linear guide rail ensures the transmission accuracy.

Shenzhen Lei Sai three-phase stepping motor and driver (LEADSHINE), high precision, fast response.
The global high-end CO2 laser has a service life of up to 10000 hours, high-quality beam, high stability, and the product will not change the spot mode throughout its life. High power, the cutting efficiency of the laser machine equipped with the laser can reach twice or more than the efficiency of other lasers.
(3) Advanced structural design, precise processing, complete production process, mature assembly process and strict testing means ensure the high precision and stable performance of the machine tool.
(4) Advanced and mature control system, DSP Lechuang 6515 CNC system adopts optimization algorithm and optical mechanical electrical integration design, which fundamentally guarantees the machine performance.
(5) Powerful software, easy to operate, automatic programming. It supports DST, BMP, AI, DXF, PLT and other graphic formats with strong compatibility.
(6) The cutting head adopts advanced capacitive automatic following processing technology, which overcomes the technical problem of uneven focal length change of plates, and can conduct non-contact cutting of metal plates and pipes.
(7) Low use and maintenance costs, only high-power CO2 laser cutting 1/10 of the machine, without expensive auxiliary gas, only ordinary compressed air is needed.
(8) Four series of high-energy laser metal cutting machines, large format, large format, medium format, small format, flexible selection of various specifications.  
(9) An automatic feeding machine can be selected to form a flexible plate cutting processing system.

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