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Suzhou Yiqiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd It integrates production, R&D and sales.

Suzhou Yi Guangguang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. set production, research and development, sales in one.


Suzhou Yiqiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on laser cutting Carving and printing marking equipment, the company is located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, relying on the economic development advantages of the Yangtze River Delta, and serving domestic and foreign users. Based on the active economic belt of the Yangtze River Delta, it is fully equipped in science and technology, human resources, supply chain and other sectors to provide users with stable equipment and services.

Company focus Metal plate laser cutting machine , wood acrylic cloth and other non-metallic carbon dioxide Laser cutting machine It can be subdivided into multiple cutting sizes and cutting ability grades. In terms of the single ability of cutting platform size, customization of size is acceptable. There are many ways to place materials, such as exchange platform, rolling platform, assembly line platform, rotating platform, suction platform, etc. According to different user needs, we can accept customized overall metal enclosure enclosed, platform, and bottom penetration structures.

In addition, laser marking, low power low energy laser printing marking, graphics, two-dimensional code, trademark and other series of equipment, including UV, CO2, optical fiber, green light and other different lasers can be selected. It can be applied to metal, non-metallic plastic, silica gel, ABS, wood, bamboo products, cloth, electronic products and other materials and industries. It can be used in household appliances, textiles and clothing, food and medicine, advertising lighting, printing and packaging, electronic components, leather carving, handicrafts and other fields.

Since its establishment, the company has provided equipment and technical support for users in 29 provinces and regions in China. Exports to more than 60 countries and regions.

The company's marketing and service positioning is to focus on market segmentation and direct users. Steady development and pragmatic growth are the basic development philosophy of Suzhou Yiqiang Laser, which provides customers with stable laser technology, capacity design and equipment solutions as the main line, constantly optimizes and optimizes the added value for customers, and constantly grows with users as teachers. We are willing to work with you for common development!

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