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Are you concerned about the trademark, production date, sample design and small amount of processing of the product

Encountered the following worry?

Yiqiang laser one-stop service, solving big problems at a small cost

Your brand needs to be built by you

Yiqiang laser can help you solve:

The metal sheet is cut in random shape, spliced and cut, and the material utilization rate is high

Print and engrave trademark patterns on metal, wood and plastic with laser ring protection and no ink, date, two-dimensional code, text and number

Interchange platform, rolling platform, assembly line platform, rotating platform, suction platform, etc. According to product characteristics, appropriate operation mode can be selected

Optical fiber ultraviolet green light and Co2 laser engraving and marking are optional

Metal, plastic and wood products are no longer used in many factories, but are cut and carved by laser

Sheet metal difficult to cut profiled small size?

High waste rate of materials, inconvenient outsourcing of small sample sheets?

Outsourcing requires mold opening, communication costs are high, and delivery is not timely?

Metal, plastic and wood all want to print and carve?

Is the stench of inkjet screen printing harmful to the environment?

100 million laser Industrial application

Honesty, pragmatism, innovation, refinement, win-win cooperation

 Stainless steel laser cutting machine
The metal optical fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting metal plates, household appliances and furniture, kitchen appliances, logo advertising, elevator manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other industries. It is simple and convenient to operate. The fine laser beam is used for non-contact cutting, and the cutting seam is precise and smooth. According to the CAD CAM and other manufacturing auxiliary software, the cutting is performed according to the designed figure. Small size complex graphics can be processed flexibly, a small amount of sample preparation and batch processing can be used. The laser has stable performance, and multiple platforms can be selected interactively. It can be designed as a fully enclosed case with low sound and low processing cost. According to the different thickness and size of the plate, the laser power and the machine processing format can be selected and non-standard design. Save manpower, improve efficiency, reduce processing costs and process flow.
The laser process is fast, and the parts can be printed directly without stamping, mold or clamping. After the product is made, it can be directly transferred to laser engraving and marking, and can be made at any time without outsourcing processing.
 cloth laser cutting machine
Many plastic products, such as toys, medical ABS products, electronic motherboard cards, cosmetics packaging and other brand logos, two-dimensional codes, production batch numbers, were originally inkjet technology. However, the cost of ink inkjet printing equipment is relatively high, and the cost of consumables is high. The ink sprayed on the product will be invisible for a period of time, and the production process is not environmentally friendly. Laser technology is being widely used.

In addition to the advantages of laser engraving and cutting, you can also sample various patterns and characters at any time, and customize personalized personal gifts. It is suitable for flexible production to enhance brand added value.
 Acrylic laser cutting machine
The equipment shell, nameplate, precision stainless steel parts, gear rack, motor, engine, mechanical tools, etc., need to be marked with the production specifications, dimensions, weight, production unit and other information above, and it is required to be able to see clearly for a long time, not easy to be corroded and abraded. Laser engraving and marking can solve this problem.

Laser technology can be used to mark and make metal parts at any time. The marked graphics and characters are precise and widely used in precision industry and military products.
 Plastic marking machine
Yiqiang Laser is a manufacturer of automotive plastic parts, lamps, and hanging arts and crafts, and the engraving and marking of trademarks, two-dimensional codes, and graphic characters of related products have replaced the original inkjet printing or labeling process.

In the process of injection molding production, plastic products need to be cut and grooved. It is not convenient to locate and clamp when cutting with a machine tool, and the laser process can be cut without contact. The cutting patterns are diverse, so it is not necessary to open the mold, and it is necessary to sample at any time. After the sample is successful, it will be produced in batches, which has greatly helped many auto parts factories to upgrade their capacity. A lot of mold costs, sample cycle and outsourcing costs are saved.
 Suzhou Yiqiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
Stationery products factories, individual Taobao shopkeepers, Tmall shopkeepers, personalized gift design studios and other industrial fields have purchased 100 million strong laser machines. In the production process of stationery boxes, business cards, display boxes, plastic wooden and metal pens, the cutting and marking functions are used to reduce the production cost of products, record the improvement of brand value, and be able to meet the needs of users at any time, Carry out customized production.

The laser technology is applicable to the materials of stationery products industry, such as wood, acrylic, paper, cloth leather, plastic, etc. It can be produced in a small amount and customized to meet different user needs.
 cloth laser cutting machine
PVB/PBC materials, and single-chip boards U disk, mobile phone accessories, watches, digital products and other products need to be precisely marked and patterned, and the precision effect of the laser machine fully meets the requirements. The two-dimensional code can reach 3mm, small pictures can be marked in seconds, and patterns can be within 2mm. It is specially designed for high-end brands, precision instruments and precision products with high anti-counterfeiting requirements.
 Stainless steel laser cutting machine
Traditional bamboo and wood products are mostly carved by hand, which takes a long time and energy. Processors are required to have high requirements such as superb craftsmanship and artistic sense, so the development of wood products industry is particularly slow. Now, with the development of laser technology, the processing cost and threshold of the bamboo and wood products industry have been greatly reduced, and the quality effect has been improved, making the product more competitive in the market.

Wood products are cut, carved and marked by laser, so they do not corrode the working surface, wear, poison and pollution. High processing efficiency and marking speed, which can be completed in seconds. A piece of ordinary bamboo and wood can be personalized DIY laser carving patterns through laser technology, making it become a highly ornamental handicraft.
 cloth laser cutting machine
Clothes, plush toys, sofa furniture, packaging linings, leather bags and other factories purchase laser cutting and engraving in large quantities. In the past, when scissors were used for manual cutting or slicing machine, the cloth would discharge raw edges and threads, which was inefficient.

In addition, a small number of special-shaped patterns to be processed temporarily need not be processed, need to be outsourced, or delivery is not timely. The laser cutting and engraving process is adopted, without the need to make the template die card. The laser equipment has the function of automatic feeding, and the function of contour searching and scanning, saving labor costs, time costs, and complex graphics can be processed at any time.
 Acrylic laser cutting machine
Table lamp cover The design of different graphics, such as LED light characters, uses laser cutting and punching functions, and may process samples according to the design drawings at any time. Suitable for paper, cloth, thin plastic and other materials.

Laser finger cutting, shearing and cutting can cut multiple sheets at one time according to the size of the lamp cover, which is high in productivity and low in cost, and convenient to use.
 Plastic marking machine
Laser cutting and engraving machines are widely used in acrylic characters, acrylic jigsaw puzzle toys and other industries. Outdoor advertising word processing plants and jigsaw puzzle toy factories use laser cutting machines, which are suitable for online orders. Different needs can be made at any time.

The production of jigsaw puzzle toys and handicrafts does not require multiple machines with different functions, but only one laser cutting machine can produce the finished products.
 Suzhou Yiqiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
In addition to the common bamboo, wood and acrylic material products using laser equipment, the laser machine is also suitable for other metal and non-metallic products.

For example, lens paint stripping, glass carving, glass film removal, pet decorations, car accessories, key chain gifts, birthday celebration Coke bottle customization, etc. It is suitable for industries such as craft gift making and individual entrepreneurship.
 Stainless steel laser cutting machine
The laser carving technology is widely used in tourism product marble scene photo carving, wall marble puzzle and other industries. The main features of laser engraving are that it is not easy to be erased and can be made at any time. The finished products produced have a sense of appreciation and high value, and are suitable for high-end decoration, tourism and other industries.


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100 million laser Focusing on laser industry, word of mouth

Allows you to improve efficiency/reduce costs

 Laser source assurance
Laser source assurance

Strictly control each production process

The laser used by all the laser equipment of the top 100 million Germany And Chinese quality, leading brand cooperation. Ensure the quality of equipment, do not do one-off business, do not hit the market at low prices. We believe in the spread of word of mouth.

 Procurement of public institutions
Procurement of public institutions

Strictly control each production process

The 100 million laser power product is counted as the national twenty Many primary and secondary schools "Labor Technology Laboratory" provide creative design of laser cutting machine. Primary and middle school students have designed and produced many innovative models and developed their imaginative ability of design through the 100 million strong laser cutting machine.

 Selection of users in various industries
Selection of users in various industries

Strictly control each production process

For the whole country six thousand More than individual businesses DIY The process design room and small and medium-sized factories provide laser marking and laser cutting equipment. involve More than 20 Kinds of industries and products. Including hardware processing marks, drinks, plastic products, luggage trademarks, clothing, advertising, stationery products, pet signs, personalized gifts and so on.

 Quality management and service
Quality management and service

Strictly control each production process

One stop service: after confirming the identification form, start the production, commissioning, inspection, delivery, training, post use return visit and other processes, and the whole process is completed by Yiqiang Laser. All accessories of the equipment are included at one price. You only need to prepare a suitable site and 220v Power supply.

Witness of 100 million strong growth users

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Quality witness, service in place, and word of mouth. The hundred million strong laser has accumulatively become the majority of users in 29 provincial-level regions across the country, providing equipment and technical support, and has been exported to more than 60 countries and regions. It is aimed at all direct users nationwide, and no intermediary agents are recruited.

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about yiqiang

Suzhou Yiqiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou Yiqiang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on laser cutting, engraving, and printing marking equipment. The company is located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City. Relying on the economic development advantages of the Yangtze River Delta, it is deeply committed to serving domestic and foreign users. Based on the active economic belt of the Yangtze River Delta, it is fully equipped in science and technology, human resources, supply chain and other sectors to provide users with stable equipment and services.

The company specializes in nonmetal co2 laser cutting machines such as metal plate laser cutting machines, wood acrylic cloth, etc. It can be subdivided into multiple cutting sizes and cutting ability grades. In terms of the single ability of cutting platform size, customization of size is acceptable. There are many ways to place materials, such as exchange platform, rolling platform, assembly line platform, rotating platform, suction platform, etc. According to different user needs, we can accept customized overall metal enclosure enclosed, platform, and bottom penetration structures.

In addition, laser marking, low power laser low energy printing marking, graphics, two-dimensional code, trademark and other series of equipment, including ultraviolet co2、 Optical fiber, green light and other different lasers can be selected. It can be applied to metal and non-metallic plastics, silica gel ABS、 Wood, bamboo products, cloth, electronic products and other materials and industries. It can be used in household appliances, textiles and clothing, food and medicine, advertising lighting, printing and packaging, electronic components, leather carving, handicrafts and other fields.

Since its establishment, the company has provided equipment and technical support for users in 29 provinces and regions in China. Exports to more than 60 countries and regions.

The company's marketing and service positioning is to focus on market segmentation and direct users. Steady development and pragmatic growth are the basic development philosophy of Suzhou Yiqiang Laser. We provide customers with stable laser technology, capacity design, and equipment solutions as the main line, constantly optimize and optimize the added value for customers, and constantly grow with users as teachers. We are willing to work with you for common development!

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