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 Personal notes 0_ Summary of internship
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Personal notes 0_ Summary of practice

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Summary invited by friends, write a blog, today's busy leisure, just write a little. I remember at the beginning, I ran a lot of schools, Jiaotong University, science and technology, University of Finance and economics. At that time, it was really hard. Many units had prejudice against our three universities, so many units were very sorry. At the beginning of the interview, I had a lot of interviews with many units

 About the quotation of computer maintenance

About computer maintenance quotation

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Recently, I met a lot of people and things. I helped a lot of people free of charge after I went to university for so long. Because of my time is quite short, now I give a quotation for computer maintenance. Welcome to me. It costs 5 yuan to deal with the specific problem. Computer re installation system: Windows 7

 Comments on Maya driving school

Evaluation of Maya driving school (thank you letter)

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The first time I first got to know Maya driving school was in October, 2018 last year. At that time, I was the competition chairman of the school youth volunteer association. I met sister Mei of Maya driving school in the school. After chatting, I felt very opportunistic. In the afternoon, I paid the money and applied for the Maya driving school. I thought that at that time, I really couldn't do anything. 98 points passed one by one

 JQuery filter in jQuery learning - Sumu sanshao blog
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JQuery filter in jQuery learning

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JQuery filter 1. Introduction to filter syntax: 1. Conduct secondary filtering on DOM objects that have been located in jQuery objects. 2. Filters cannot be used independently and must be declared after the selector. 3. Six kinds of filters (three kinds of common filters) 4. Put multiple filters into the same jQuery to filter layer by layer. ...

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