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 Personal note 0_ 0 summing up your internship - three of Su Mu three
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Personal note 0_ 0 practice summary.

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Sum up by friends invited to write blog, today busy busy, just write a little. I remember when I first started, I ran a lot of schools, Jiaotong University, Polytechnic University, finance and economics university. At that time, it was really hard. Many units were prejudiced against our three institutions, so many units were very sorry.

 About computer maintenance quotation - Su Mu three less Su Mu three less blog

About computer maintenance quotation

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Recently encountered many people also encountered many things, University for so long has also helped a lot of people free of charge, because of their time is relatively urgent, now for computer maintenance of these I will give you a quote, welcome everyone to find me. Computer simple problem handling: take time to spend specifically (5-10 yuan). Computer reinstall system: Windows 7 -...

 Evaluation of Maya driving school (thank-you letter) - Su Mu three less Su Mu three less blog

Evaluation of Maya driving school (thank-you letter)

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Preamble first began to understand Maya driving school in 2018 last year, October, when he was the school youth volunteer association's competitive chairman, met Maya driving school's sister in school, chatted for a while, feeling very speculative in the afternoon, he paid the money in a hurry, and applied for Maya driving school, thinking that at that time nothing really happened, subjects once 98 minutes passed.

 Event binding method in JQUERY - Su Mu three less Su Mu three less blog
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Event binding in JQUERY

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First, the way of binding events in JavaScript: 1. embedded binding: <input type= "button" onclick= "fun1 ()" > disadvantages: one can only listen to a tag binding listener event 2.

 Function function in JQuery object - three of Su Mu three less blog
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Function function in JQuery object

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I. show () and hide (): Show (): responsible for letting jQuery objects contain tags associated with all DOM objects to display style= on browsing. Disply:block Hide (): responsible for making the jQuery object contain all DOM objects.

 JQuery learning jQuery filter - jQuery three
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JQuery filter for JQuery learning

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JQuery filter 1, filter grammar introduction: 1, two objects have been positioned to the jQuery object, for two screening. 2, filters can not be used independently, and must be declared behind the selector. 3, six filters (three common filters) 4, put multiple filters in the same jQuery for filtering. ...

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