There are 92 service stations set up in 85 universities in Wuhan

Recently, Wuhan police have set up service stations for college students to settle down in the city's colleges and universities. College students can go through the settlement procedures as long as they are in the campus. They don't need to go out of the campus. At present, there are 85 universities in the city setting up service stations for college students to settle down

Hongan County of Hubei Province, the "first general county in China", proposed to formulate the work plan of withdrawing the county and establishing the city

Hong'an County in Hubei Province, known as "China's first general county", has once again put the removal of the county and the establishment of a city on the agenda. According to the official website of Hong'an county government, on the afternoon of November 24, Liu Tangjun, head of Hongan County, presided over the call

recommend New media operation

With the development of the times, the traditional propaganda and marketing methods have been unable to meet the development needs of this huge enterprise, and the emergence of new network media provides new opportunities for the development of enterprises, but also puts forward higher requirements for new media marketing means. ...

recommend Papi sauce responds to network disputes, denies cyber violence and self hype

On September 8, Papi posted a video in response to a series of heated discussions about children's surname following their father's surname after giving birth in May. Sina entertainment news on September 8, Papi sauce sent a video response to May after the birth of a child with the father's surname triggered a series of hot discussions, she

Hot text What is "Internet operation"?

1、 All actions around the product can be called operation. Push a public number image and text products belong to "content operation", a lottery game to guide users to trade belongs to "activity operation", analysis of page traffic for the credit

recommend "Sister Lang" becomes a group night official to announce guests, but Chen he is boycotted? I doubt the article response: smile

On September 3, a dynamic of Chen he on the social platform triggered heated discussion among netizens. Before this, "the elder sister riding the wind and waves" formed a group of night officials to announce the guest lineup. Most of the male guests on the list caused netizens' dissatisfaction. Chen he was also in the guest lineup, so


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