Wechat video assistant is fully open to use!

After a long time of internal testing, wechat video Number assistant is finally fully open. In the future, video Number creators can log in to wechat video Number PC management platform - VIDEO number assistant website to manage and publish videos, view videos, click to play and other data

New media operation

With the development of the times, the traditional propaganda and marketing methods have been unable to meet the development needs of this huge enterprise, and the emergence of new network media provides new opportunities for the development of enterprises, but also puts forward higher requirements for new media marketing means. ...

What is the future trend after 2020?

I like to talk to investors about future trends. Why? Because investors will use real gold and silver to pay for their own research and judgment. If they are wrong, they will lose money. In July 2020, I led the group of entrepreneurs who asked China

Self denial and online hype

On September 8, Papi posted a video in response to a series of heated discussions about children's surname following their father's surname after giving birth in May. Sina entertainment news on September 8, Papi sauce sent a video response to May after the birth of a child with the father's surname triggered a series of hot discussions, she

recommend "Sister Lang" becomes a group night official to announce guests, but Chen he is boycotted? I doubt the article response: smile

On September 3, a dynamic of Chen he on the social platform triggered heated discussion among netizens. Before this, "the elder sister riding the wind and waves" formed a group of night officials to announce the guest lineup. Most of the male guests on the list caused netizens' dissatisfaction. Chen he was also in the guest lineup, so

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