CytoQuant®- the world’s first mobile flow cytometer

The CytoQuant®mobile flow cytometer enables theimmediate,on-site verification of cleaning proceduresin food production facilities or other areas where hygiene is crucial bydirectly quantifying bacteria and residueson surfaces.

CytoQuant®brings the power of flow cytometry to the convenience of a hand-held device.

Using impedance flow cytometry, CytoQuant® measures bacteria and residue concentrationson surfaces. Separate, precise counts for each are providedin 30 seconds, without the need for pre-treatment, incubation, or chemical reagents. 

CytoQuant®is easy to use and does not require a lab or special training.


The CytoQuant®mobile flow cytometer has a broad scope of application. Use it to quantify bacteria and residues on surfaces in food production facilities, clean rooms, hospitals and on any other surface where hygiene is crucial.

What is impedance flow cytometry?

Impedance flow cytometry is a technology that measures cell and particle characteristics with electrical impedance as the method of detection. 

The sample is pumped through a microfluidic flow cell with integrated electrodes. An object flowing between the electrodes will introduce a change to the electrical current. 

Bacteria have unique electrical properties. Because of their size, the non-conductivity of their cell membrane and the conductivity of their cytoplasm, bacteria leave a fingerprint that distinguishes them from other particles. This enables CytoQuant®to accurately detect and differentiate between intact cells and particles in a sample. 

Features and Benefits

Direct quantification of bacteria and residuesenables proper verification of both cleaning and disinfection procedures (IFS 7.1). 

Results in 30 secondsallow for preventive control and pre-operational actions. 

Measurements are not influenced by disinfectants or temperaturereducing result variability. 

Simple test proceduredoes not require a lab or special training. 

Simple connectivityallows you to save, export and document test results with ease.

Item No. Product Description
10006469 CytoQuant®Flow Cytometer (incl. CytoQuant®CountCellTM) 1 pc
10006471 CytoQuant®CountCellTM 1 pc
10006468 CytoQuant®Swab Kit 72 pc
10007028 CytoQuant®Cleaning Vial 72 pc
10007029 CytoQuant®Storage Vial 72 pc
10006970 CytoQuant®Empty Vial 140 pc
10007030 CytoQuant®Electrolyte Solution 10 pc

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