JavaScript Advanced Programming -- Reading Notes (01)

JavaScript introduction the birth of JavaScript was born in 1995, when the main purpose was to deal with some input validation operations previously undertaken by server-side languages (such as Perl). Today's JavaScript has become a fully functional programming language, capable of handling complex computation and interaction, with closure, Anonymous (lamda, Lamuda) functions, and so on.
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Python3- crawler crawls web images.

Python3- small crawler to achieve directory: Python has been very curious how to crawl on the network resources, so went to check some information, wrote a small crawler, record. Crawling results: the crawler crawls the image URL in the source code of the web page simply and downloads it to the specified folder through the URL. Code to obtain web page source code to achieve this crawler need to use the most basic URL...
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Other expressions of "I love you"

[player id='375328'autoplay='false'/] Stephen Chow: I raise you! Su Shi: never mind. Wyman Wong: please enlighten me for the rest of my life. Wong Kar Wai: at that moment, I was very warm. Natsume Soseki: the moon is beautiful tonight. Jacky Cheung: I'd like to take you to the wind. Margaret: I am in bed, and the rice is in the pot. Fan Zhongyan: Wine enters sadness and becomes tears of Acacia. Lee...
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Where are you, my fetters? For you in the future

01 very much like the words of the little prince, "if you want to create fetters, you have to face the risk of tears". So where will you be in the future? Although my preparation is not enough, I will learn to undertake it before you arrive. Although I have never been sad, I sometimes feel lonely. I study alone, I go to the movies alone, I go shopping alone, and I cook alone. Perhaps it has been used to a person.

Those memories in the bottom of my heart -- Teaching (1)

During the 01 summer vacation, I went to a small mountain village in Zhaotong, Yunnan, with my friends from the support team. In order to save money, we bought a hard seat student ticket to Chengdu first. For me, a few hours of long-distance train is familiar. But for the teammates of the support team, this is a challenge. Fortunately, we have more people, laughing and talking on the train, and soon forget the pain of long-distance travel on hard seats. ...
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Those memories in the bottom of my heart -- the original scenery of my hometown (1)

01 after ten years, I set foot on the land of my hometown again. It was raining in Sichuan for a month, and I was not used to the climate of my hometown. For the ten years I lived in the northwest frontier, the winter here is really cold, because there is no heating, so I have to wear it thick enough to resist it. There is still a short distance from Mianyang to my home. I can call a special car and send 25 yuan to my home. It is quite cost-effective. My home...
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Those memories in the bottom of my heart -- the original scenery of my hometown (2)

01 ten years apart, when I was raised by my parents, my relationship with grandpa was not so intimate. In my hometown these days, I often accompanied my grandfather everywhere. When Grandpa played mahjong with several cousins, grandpa also sat on my side. Grandpa was very fond of my grandson who had not seen him for ten years. He sat on the side and looked at his cousin's card to teach me to play cards. Finally, I won more than 100 with Grandpa. Grandpa was really cute.