Software download BBS source + plug-in + theme Xiuno BBS 4.0.4

Xiuno BBS 4 was born in 2016. It is a web product, which is made in China, small and exquisite, based on the current popular technology, with advanced product concepts, mainly developed by PHP, and followed strict naming and coding standards. It is not only a forum, but also a good two development platform.

Original course Use the monkey script to map the watermark.

Hi, long time no see. Originally June is not ready to send a tutorial. But seeing that everyone is ready to give me the gift, I would like to satisfy your little wish. It is a free design material template network leading to China's thousand net, providing free materials / templates / photo downloads, including business card / picture album /ppt/ handwriting.

Software download One key global encryption and dangerous website filtering security program tortoise roll 2021A-0620

Socialist core values: at the national level, on the level of prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmonious society, freedom, equality, justice and rule of law at the individual level are patriotic, dedicated, honest and friendly. If you do not know what this is, please read other articles. Don't forget your heart, remember your mission, hold high China.

Software download Batch WORD to PDF converter

Batch Word to PDF converter is a Word to PDF conversion tool under the Windows platform. It can quickly and easily convert multiple Word files into PDF format files. As the software abandoned the traditional method of virtual printing to generate PDF, and directly analyzed the WORD file and converted to PDF technology,

Software download Binary Ninja Binary Ninja Personal 2.0.2097 Developer

Binary Ninja is a reverse engineering software. Users can reverse compile this software. Compared with other similar software, it can compile quickly, and it is more convenient to use in other aspects. Friends who need it are welcome to download and use. Do not ask and IDA which is easy to use... Each has its own merits...

Software download MagicEXIF metadata editor 1.09

MagicEXIF users can visually see the specific location of the photos through the built-in map components, and can also batch modify the EXIF and GPS information. In addition, it supports reading and revising the privacy of 16 different manufacturers including Canon, Nikon, SONY, Fuji, OLYMPUS, etc.

Software download Artificial intelligence lossless scaling image Topaz Gigapixel AI v5.0.1

Topaz Gigapixel AI is a fairly efficient PC end image sizing tool, Topaz Gigapixel AI is powerful, based on AI intelligent algorithm and unique art intelligent engine, it can help users adjust the size of images 6 times, and Topaz Gigapixel AI software.

Software download Intelligent grinding insert Perfectly Clear Complete Chinese direct mounting enhancements

Perfectly Clear Complete is an intelligent skin filter software, which can help users to process images intelligently, make the photos achieve the highest quality effect, have powerful functions, have correction function, and can batch process pictures. It can be used independently or as a PS plug-in. Software features...

Software download Image adding watermark software Arclab Watermark Studio v3.70 Sinicization version

Protect your pictures from illegal propagation and sharing through Arclab Watermark Studio. This is a very good image watermarking application, which can completely ensure the copy protection of pictures. You can add transparent watermark to the image file. This program supports common formats, such as JPEG, PNG,...

Software download Wage calculation system of government and institution (wage change software) v2.5.2

The wage calculation system of government and institution is a professional software for civil servants, government workers and public institutions to automatically change and calculate wages, according to the notice issued by the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of personnel of the Ministry of Finance on the implementation of the reform of the civil service wage system ([2006]58).

Software download Glittering PDF validity period set up tools + glowing PDF merge, add signature tools

PDF files issued to customers or suppliers, if encrypted, even give the password to the other party, may attract complaints from the other side, or give people a feeling of not having enough trust. It may also imply that the contents of the client documents are very important whether they need to backup or print. Therefore, the PDF encryption limit must be "hidden". Many PDF...

Software download Free open source PPT plug-in OneKeyTools Lite/10 SP13.2

OneKeyTools is referred to as OK plug-in. It is a free open source Microsoft Office PowerPoint third party plug-in, which covers functions such as shape, color matching, 3D, image processing, presentation assistance, form processing, audio processing and so on. OneKeyTools plug-in has been gradually received by the majority of PPT designers since 2.

Software download PS Chinese and English starter for 2018

Recently, learning PS, and then found that using PS action, we can quickly design some. But many foreigners' actions must be used in the English version of PS. Although I can read the English version of PS... But I did the little thing. Automatically read the currently installed PS path from the registry, because...

Software download DirectX repair tool V4.0 Enhanced Edition

DirectX DirectX Repair is a system level tool developed by @VBcom, which is simple and easy to use. This program is a green version. It can be run directly without installation. The main function of this program is to detect the DirectX state of the current system, and repair it if abnormal is found. The main procedure is...

Chronicles of life The raffle said before, the prize is implemented.

Yes, I am the word number. One, ESET NOD 32, activation code three years / user pictures from the Ivy software mall, which is also the anti-virus software I am currently using for more than five years, although the ability to kill many people is Tucao general, but in the home computer did not find any leakage phenomenon. Personal...