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GandCrab blackmail worm final version of the decryption tool released!

GandCrab 2018.1.28-2019.6.1 announces the end of blackmail!

But before that, the extortion virus has swept the globe, which has brought huge losses to all the big and small enterprises in the world. The key to blackmail is to prevent it. But hackers are pervasive, and there are loopholes in the powerful system. If an enterprise is attacked, it has already been blackmail. What should we do? And GandCrab released the statement that it would not give 5.2 of the decryption key.

In June 17th, Bitdefender released the GandCrab ransom virus V1, V4 and V5-V5.2 version of the decryption tool, which means that those who did not compromise with the ransomware operators could finally recover the encrypted data.

To run BDGandCrabDecryptTool.exe, be careful to ensure that the name of the tool has not been changed, otherwise it will not function properly.

Download links for free declassified tools are as follows:





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Article title: GandCrab blackmail worm final version of the decryption tool released!
The writer: Mu Ruoxi
Date of publication: 2019-06-19 06:46 starts on Wednesday Evening as evening
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