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Coral AutoCAD 2020 Edition

AutoCAD software is an automatic computer aided design software produced by Autodesk, which can be used for drawing 2D drawings and basic 3D design. It can automatically draw without knowing programming, so it is widely used in the world. It can be used in civil engineering, decoration and decoration, industrial drawing, engineering drawing, electronics industry, garment processing, etc. Many fields.

Features of streamlined Edition:

  1. Streamlining redundant components, retaining the necessary VC,.Net 4.7.2, DirectX component runtime to facilitate the first installer of high version CAD friends;
  2. Keep the Express extension tool; you can choose to install it.
  3. Install the default AutoCAD classic space, like sketching and tagging interface friends can tool - workspace, select "sketch and Annotation" interface.
  4. The background color of the layout is black, the mouse pointer is the full screen, and the welcome interface is not started to speed up the start up.
  5. Shield and delete the AutoCAD communication center to prevent AutoCAD sending your IP address and machine information to Autodesk server.
  6. Shielding AutoCADFTP center;
  7. Perfect font library, usually open files will not prompt fonts can not be found;
  8. The shortcut is called "AutoCAD 2020".
  9. The default storage format is the 2004 version of the DWG file.
  10. Save settings for migration;
  11. The light version is a full-featured version, and the 3D viewbase command is available (creating the basic view from the model space or the Autodesk Inventor model).

Special emphasis is placed on:

1, Win7/8 do not shut down the Windows update service, otherwise install the wrong report.
2, Win7 installation.NET Framwork 4.7.2 is not successful, I do not back the pot, the original version is the same, the solution to Baidu.
3, if appear Acvmtools.crx The exception box appears in the ARX command. The official explanation is that there is something wrong with the graphics driver, or update the driver or delete it. Acvmtools.crx

Version Description:

The AutoCAD2020 that had previously issued a motion group was characterized by no activation. The drawback was that it did not integrate AutoCAD classical space into it. I gave a solution in this paper. Portal: Https://

The version of the Coral Sea needs to be activated by breaking the net. There is a small difference between the streamlined contents of the two sides. Do not ask who is good, who is not good, two people's version I use is very stable, nothing good.

Download address:

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