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The font tool tailored for the designer - v2.4.0.0 Beta

Word is a typeface tool tailored for designers. By collecting thousands of selected fonts, designers can quickly find their favorite fonts through collections, search, tags, cases, and use these fonts seamlessly in design software.

You have words, you are different from the world!

Software features:

Thousands of fonts, easy to choose: thousands of characters from the font, all from the designer's enthusiastic sharing. The word is carefully arranged and categorized by these fonts, all to show you the beauty of the font.

No need to install, one button use: in the client, gently click the right side of the font on the right side of the hook icon, font is used immediately. Click the font preview area and font can be easily applied to all kinds of design software.

Easy to manage, efficient use of words: you can classify yourself according to your font usage habits, and word will also bring you a variety of font collections for your easy management.

Update log:

New functions:
Delete the recommended panel and pay more attention to valuable functions.

Upgraded the discovery panel to see freshness related to fonts in the past week.

Sync account data, and no longer will you be the wind, I am the sand.

Problem repair:
"Cloud font" has a new name, called "discovery font".

The sort name of "find font" has changed. Open it and have a look.

The panel also changed into a new dress to welcome the old.

Download address:

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